Ngilu Ih! Ini Kumpulan Foto X-ray Paling Menyeramkan di Jagad Twitter

0 @Radiopaedia

X-ray of Bane? No, just a harmless lady with a mouth full of dental implants. Scary likeness though. #Bane #XRay

03/10/2014 11:30:05 WIB
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Q: What is the underlying cause for this fracture? ANSWER: #FOAMrad #FOAMed

07/07/2016 02:30:04 WIB
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Bryan Watson @Watson25BDub

Xray of an obese man. Scary to see the feeble skeleton inside!

24/06/2014 21:34:58 WIB
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Trupanion @Trupanion

What's the strangest thing your pet has eaten? Foreign-body ingestions can be scary! #animalhealth #pethealth #xray

28/02/2015 03:09:14 WIB
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OrthoDoc @OrthoDocDJD

Xray of the day: anybody know what mountain boarding is? It looks kinda dangerous...

18/07/2013 00:50:05 WIB
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