Foto: Bangunan yang Kebanjiran Dihuni oleh Ikan Emas Jadi Pemandangan Mengesankan


Lokasi: Philadelphia, AS, bekas lapangan milik Angkatan Laut AL USA.

Win Evans @pocket_win

I've heard rumors about a flooded building with goldfish living in it near work and finally found it last week! 🔎🐟

19/07/2016 00:05:13 WIB
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bebe 👑 @_biiko

@pocket_win oh wow is this real !?!? It looks awesome

19/07/2016 00:11:12 WIB
🌈✨Natalie Riess✨🌈 @Snarlbear

@pocket_win oh I meant ??? as in, this is fascinating and I want to know more

19/07/2016 02:34:08 WIB
Win Evans @pocket_win

@Snarlbear oh! I'm not even sure, these buildings were all part of the Philly Navy Yard but most were abandoned when they pulled out (1/2)

19/07/2016 03:26:39 WIB
Win Evans @pocket_win

@Snarlbear and since we're right next to the water, it must have flooded but as for the fish I have no idea! (2/2)

19/07/2016 03:26:52 WIB
Yoshi Yoshitani @yoshisquared

@pocket_win must have a lot of food to have so many fish :o maybe the neighborhood cats get a snack too ;)

19/07/2016 02:36:54 WIB
Lance Trahan@Work @LanceTrahan

@pocket_win @Snarlbear the fish may have been brought in by the flood water as well. Pretty neat!

19/07/2016 22:54:01 WIB


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