URL https://beritagar.id/ Mengenal Mipster, muslim hipster Dari mana asalnya Mipster, siapa mereka? Simak dalam artikel ini.
Astrol AWATNI @501Awatni
[KINI TRENDING] Fenomena 'Muslim hipster' atau mipster corak pemikiran belia progresif tidak mahu ikut acuan lama. pic.twitter.com/H08pRebEau
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that cooking dad @babehmasak
Mipster. Muslim Hipster. A new idiom. Google it out
Leva Zand @LevaZand
Word of the day: Mipster = Muslim hipster
Dandelia @IndraMenus
baru ngeh, mipster = muslim hipster
Raniah Kouzali @queenraniah
Learnt a new word today.. Mipster? Apparently a Muslim hipster 😂 #mipstersrule
Suge Knight @I_Am_Raaiq
The first word I've learnt in 2016 is Mipster (Muslim hipster). This could be game changing
Yousef Tuqan Tuqan @yousef
Someone just said "Mipster" - Muslim Hipster - with a straight face... pic.twitter.com/Er04q6YXlb
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MENA Digital Awards @DMFAwards
"A Mipster is a mix of a Muslim hipster" Gmasco at #DMFdxb2015 pic.twitter.com/zusUlnFDsy
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Dinna @dinnatazkiana
Yaolo barutau saya ada istilah 'mipster' (muslim hipster) dan 'burkini' (muslim swimwear)
HCity @htizzy217
For the past few weeks mad females have been identifying me as a muslim hipster...i didnt choose the #Mipster life, it chose me
Sanna Ali @sannasideup
@tetisheri i personally think the mipster (muslim hipster) trend is way more interesting and nuanced than muslim memes or also parody songs
h. @_hsaadi
If you are a #Muslim and hipster, but are a guy, are you still considered to be a #Mipster? #AskingForAFriend

untuk mengerti lebih jauh tentang mipster

nb @nasyabahfen
The Bahfen siblings wish you a very #mipster (Muslim Hipster) #Eid pic.twitter.com/Xe2tiNAtXJ
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Cik Senah Ronggeng @ciksenah
Mipster. Muslim hipster RT @SNajua: Checkout these girls and their turbans! pic.twitter.com/Vh734xmmGl
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John Galt 🚂💥🇺🇸 @JohnGGalt
Muslim hipster = Mipster pic.twitter.com/1jexfGybLh
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Gatodrilo @MikeEnElDivan
Me enteré que existe el termino #Mipster (Muslim Hipster). Y nada, eso. pic.twitter.com/Peq1JHkyTW
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