Pria New Zealand ini berhenti dari pekerjaannya setelah 6 tahun dan memutuskan untuk menjadi full time pokemon trainer di Pokemon Go!

URL the Guardian Pokémon Go: man quits job to become full-time Pokémon hunter Tom Currie says he will spend two months travelling around New Zealand to capture all the Pokémon released for the game
TunPress @TunpressTV
Tom Currie worked as a barista and bartender near Auckland but decided to give it up to catch Pokemon all day. dlvr.it/Lpnb6r
Inside Gaming @InsideGaming
You've got to have big Pokeballs to do what Tom Currie did... #PokemonGo snpy.tv/29XsgCd

Perjalanannya dilakukan dengan style backpackers, dari mulai menginap di rumah temannya dan bergabung dengan backpacker lain.

lewd shark @Murphy_Mc_Irish
@Machinima Hey dude needed a break and pokemon go gave him the courage to do it. Happy hunting and good luck on your quest.
Bae Grylls, Tumblr Bisexual (Esq.) @TheAuracl3
In a country as gorgeous as New Zealand too. Listen, Tom Currie. You're living right now, bredrin. Gwan catch 'em all. I salute you.
Travis. @MonkeysthatFlye
@Machinima later that day Tom became homeless and hungry.
aminsino @aminsin0
@Machinima That is a perfect reason to quit your job right?

Perjalanannya mencari pokemon bisa diikuti melalui instagramnya di @tomblebee

Currie saat ini mengklaim sudah berada di level 20 dan sudah menangkap lebih dari 700 Pokemon.


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