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Niat Abis! Film Ghostbusters Reboot Promosi dengan Kereta Hantu dan Patung Raksasa


Invisible train prank di stasiun Madrid !

britanny @RoseBritanny22

The train that I ride to and from school has this ghostbusters promo thing attached to it

06/06/2016 14:31:15 WIB
ube halaya @maniladrugden

I cant believe i just witnessed an lrt train/ ghostbusters promo

11/06/2016 07:55:46 WIB
paulxygarcia #DefendPressFreedom @paulxygarcia

Ummm. Awesome. --> Ghostbusters promo uses invisible 'ghost' train in Madrid's Metro youtu.be/-je_fAtcVQg

12/07/2016 19:23:23 WIB
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mads | fireflies @calciumth

the thing they did to promote ghostbusters in the Madrid subway was pretty cool, I hope #GIRLSTALKBOYS video is at least as good

13/07/2016 04:14:47 WIB

Instalasi di Waterloo Station London

License to PR @licensetopr

Not a ghost of a chance you'd miss this fright at Waterloo Stn this morning! Spooktacular promo for @Ghostbusters 👻 pic.twitter.com/k0ujJg9JFj

12/07/2016 16:17:40 WIB
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Paul Lamb @paolodilamio

The film will probably be crap but this is a great promo for Ghostbusters in Waterloo Station👍 pic.twitter.com/bWM96AEEZp

12/07/2016 22:41:07 WIB
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Leslie Swartman @LeslieSwartman

Me w/ the Stay Puft marshmallow man at Waterloo Stn in London. Promo for the Ghostbusters movie. Unless that's real. pic.twitter.com/2DpwATCyLy

12/07/2016 01:03:24 WIB
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