Black Lives Matter:'s TL on #AltonSterling and #DallasShooting #Dallas

Police in the US kill unarmed black persons on separate occasions. People around the US took to the streets. Then, in Dallas, while peaceful protest was going on, twelve police officers got shot, five fatally. Archived here is @reportedly's excellent timeline. (For my own future reference.)
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Keegan Stephan @KeeganNYC
Insane racism on NYPD message board about unarmed #DelrawnSmall killed by NYPD cop yesterday…
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Johnetta Elzie @Nettaaaaaaaa
I can't believe I just watched this video. I can't believe we're still watching videos of police just killing our people. #AltonSterling
Wesley @WesleyLowery
Congressman @CedricRichmond (D), who represents Baton Rouge, calls for DOJ to investigate #AltonSterling shooting
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Dena Takruri @Dena
If you're trying to justify a cop shooting #AltonSterling point blank in the head like that, your humanity is in serious question. Just stop
Amnesty Kenya @AmnestyKenya
#ExtraJudicialKillings are a chilling reminder that the hard-won right to seek justice for human rights violations is under renewed attack @reportedly
2 police killings of unarmed black men, in Baton Rouge & Brooklyn, revived the #BlackLivesMatter movement this week… @reportedly
Alton Sterling, 37, who sold CDs on the street for a living, was shot dead by Baton Rouge police Tue.… @reportedly
Officers involved said their bodycams fell during the incident, but (distressing) eyewitness video emerged later… @reportedly
On Mon., an NYPD off-duty officer shot 37-y.o #DelrawnSmall dead over an apparent traffic dispute… @reportedly
Small's girlfriend & 3 children were in the car at the time of the shooting. Police said there's surveillance video, not yet released @reportedly
A candlelight vigil in support of #DelrawnSmall's family will be held Wed. evening in Brooklyn… @reportedly
As we wait for a presser in Baton Rouge on the killing of Alton Sterling at 8 am local.…
Robbie Reynold @RobbieReyNews
Getting ready for news conference on shooting death of Alton sterling will be live on
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The police killing of Alton Sterling is creating outrage and sadness far beyond Baton Rouge. This is from Baltimore.…
Michael Vinsanau @MVinsanau
Organizers tell me the march to City Hall has begun at N. 19th. Still several blocks away @WBRZ
Maya Lau 🦅 @mayalau
Presser w local leaders about to start. DA says not planning to be here
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Jade Cunningham @Cunningham_JL
More people walking up with signs that say "Stop Killing Us" and "Justify This"
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Maya Lau 🦅 @mayalau
"Stop Killing Us" signs held just before #altonsterling press conference #batonrouge
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Jade Cunningham @Cunningham_JL
A local Pastor speaking to protestors saying this is peaceful rally and stand strong. They will stand for justice.
Bill Feig @FeigPic
Protest st BR City Hall over shooting of Alton Sterling.
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You can see what if feels like right now in Baton Rouge ahead of presser on killing of Alton Sterling. Chilling.…
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