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Liputan Foto Terjadinya Ledakan di Kawasan Masjid Nabawi, Madinah #PrayForMadinah


Dilaporkan ledakan terjadi di Madinah di dekat kawasan masjid Nabawi

Reporterjail @RockersPantura

Two suicide bomber attacks in Saudi Arabia... Masjid and Mall

05/07/2016 01:06:43 WIB
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Berita Online Semasa (BOS) @BBSemasa

TERKINI: Letupan di luar Masjid Nabawi, Madinah pada Isnin (waktu tempatan) baharu dilaporkan oleh media Arab Saudi

05/07/2016 01:21:30 WIB
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IlmFeed @IlmFeed

There has been an explosion outside the Prophet's Masjid in Madinah. Unconfirmed reports of deaths. #PrayForMadinah

05/07/2016 00:46:08 WIB
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N A S R @NasrRelief

#BREAKING: Another suicide bomber blew himself up near a police post at the Prophet’s Mosque in #Madinah

05/07/2016 00:15:32 WIB
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Raza Ahmad Rumi @Razarumi

Images from #Medina after the blast. Details still not confirmed. Condemnable. #SaudiArabia

05/07/2016 00:36:36 WIB
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MD SAQIB Malik @MDSaqibMalik

Ya Allah please protect and give strength to the people in Madinah. Ameen. #PrayforMadinah #RIP @Tweetlamic

05/07/2016 01:10:36 WIB
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Arpita Das @arpitayodapress

@razarumi what is this world coming to??? Not Medina too for heaven's sake!

05/07/2016 00:37:53 WIB
Amelia Chasanda @ameliachasanda

The world is getting worst omg I cant believe they did it ryt now. One day before eid. In Madinah. Astaghfirullah. #PrayForMadinah

05/07/2016 01:27:14 WIB

Tetapi masih belum jelas konfirmasi apakah ledakan tersebut berasal dari bom bunuh diri atau bukan

Lord Aleem @aleem_official

Hearing news that a suicide bomber has attacked Madinah. What.

05/07/2016 01:27:43 WIB
Umar Khan @umaldo

Reports suggesting that it was not a bomb blast in #Madinah but a gas bottle in a hotel nearby which exploded. Don't know who to believe?

05/07/2016 01:26:55 WIB
Shanzay Kaleem @ShanzeyKaleem

No credibility of news yet? Either it was a cylinder explosion or bomb blast? So unclear. #Madinah

05/07/2016 01:22:10 WIB
Zain Khan @ZKhanOfficial

Saudi Gazaette confirms the blast outside Masjid E Nabwi ( Madinah ) to be a suicide attack ! #SaudiArabia

05/07/2016 01:24:37 WIB
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Lets hope everything is going to be okay in Madinah

05/07/2016 01:26:11 WIB


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