Part Two: #wearehere: #Somme100 commemorated across the UK

Part One: *Mind a few hour's gap between Part One and Two. Thanks.
Story #wearehere: #Somme100 commemorated across the UK Simply breathtaking. 4252 pv 1
Imperial War Museums @I_W_M

Coverage of ‘The Centenary of the Battle of the Somme: Thiepval’ live on @BBC 1 starts in 15 mins #Somme100

01/07/2016 15:01:14 WIB
The Guardian @guardian

The Somme during the first world war and now – interactive

01/07/2016 15:14:48 WIB
Gallica BnF @GallicaBnF

La bataille de la Somme dans #Gallica, via nos pages Histoire par l'image #Somme100

01/07/2016 15:26:05 WIB
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Megan Ritter Judt @MeganRitter

Stop everything and go look at the photos popping up for #Somme100 #WeAreHere. Breathtaking tribute taking place across the UK today.

01/07/2016 22:17:36 WIB
Emz @Emjk40

The #wearehere campaign is so moving. What a respectful and thoughtful tribute. Well done to all involved. #LestWeForget

01/07/2016 22:17:42 WIB
Dave Harte @daveharte

Soldiers walking through Eastside park in Birmingham #Somme100 #wearehere

01/07/2016 22:18:05 WIB
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Peter Thompson @BelfastPete

An interruptive approach to commemoration. Great idea. #wearehere: Sightings of WW1 'soldiers' across the UK

01/07/2016 22:18:26 WIB
bookworm @lorbla

Because the times are so uncertain.and because fascism is on the rise #wearehere is extraordinarily moving. #NeverAgain #NeverForget

01/07/2016 22:18:34 WIB
🜃 @finplaydirty

Have a look at the #wearehere hashtag on Twitter guys... 👏🏼

01/07/2016 22:18:59 WIB
Macmillan in the South West @MacmillanSWest

This has been quite incredible to see across social media today.It's brought more than 1 tear to my eye. #wearehere…

01/07/2016 22:19:01 WIB
PoliticallyIncorrect @TriggeringNews

Soldiers from the war, like many now are not treated with respect and need help fitting back into civilian life support #ssafa #wearehere

01/07/2016 22:19:07 WIB
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