Kalau Kamu Tumbuh Besar di Indonesia Pasti Bakal Ngalamin Hal-hal ini! #GrowingUpIndonesian

Lha Mboh Ya @Invisibleivn

#GrowingUpIndonesian People always asking if you're from Bali just because you're from Indonesia. (The answer is no. I'm Javanese smh.)

07/03/2016 18:41:35 WIB

This was your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, brunch, best friend, lover, everything #GrowingUpIndonesian pic.twitter.com/M9SXm4DjVE

04/01/2016 16:52:48 WIB
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s ◟̽◞̽ @krowmaniac

What I said: "I support LGBT" What they hear: "I'm gay" #GrowingUpIndonesian

30/06/2016 14:19:40 WIB
리사! @lisahwaya

when you speak with british accent and everyone starts saying : "alah sok bule lo" "gaya bat lo" #growingupIndonesian

30/06/2016 14:22:20 WIB

concert tickets : expensive merchandises : expensive official books : expensive official cds : expensive me : *dying* #GrowingUpIndonesian

30/06/2016 14:42:07 WIB
salma #EASIER @caIumsoftie

when you're laughing over this kind of joke you're receh #GrowingUpIndonesian pic.twitter.com/qFDXf2MyDK

30/06/2016 14:47:49 WIB
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Julia @juliawho_

*speaks english or texts english* Your friends : "ah sok inggris lo!" #GrowingUpIndonesian

30/06/2016 15:49:16 WIB

#GrowingUpIndonesian getting taught that being 'light skin' is the epitome of beauty🤔

30/06/2016 15:45:28 WIB
y is inactive ((bio)) @fairyIightsnjh

don't matter where you come from, if you are a foreigner you'll be called "bule" #GrowingUpIndonesian

30/06/2016 16:46:25 WIB
far-away @calrichaa

when ppl talking about indonesian music and i know nothing about it ppl be like "Eww dasar gacinta indonesia" #GrowingUpIndonesian

30/06/2016 17:06:33 WIB
laksmi @ponyothexplorer

#growingupindonesian watching this movie and having a dream to be a detective afterwards pic.twitter.com/6eWgapPmxg

30/06/2016 17:17:04 WIB
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syaf⁵ @onibuqi

#growingupindonesian Yall had forgot pic.twitter.com/YUmztfObye

30/06/2016 17:34:24 WIB
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joey @bluetotallyspy

#GrowingUpIndonesian theres always a box of water lying around somewhere that are one of these brands pic.twitter.com/XK3mJeBXEj

30/06/2016 17:49:19 WIB
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