[#CopaAmerica] Foto-foto Pertandingan Final Copa America yang Bertabur Kartu Merah

Cile kembali juara!
FIFA.com @FIFAcom

LIVE: Follow along with tonight's #CopaAmerica final, #ARGvCHI, from New Jersey right here: fifa.to/296Xwv8 pic.twitter.com/nJHBcRmwfI

27/06/2016 07:08:04 WIB
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MetLife Stadium @MetLifeStadium

Kickoff has begun! ⚽️👏 Who will take the trophy?! 🏆 🇦🇷 or 🇨🇱?! #CopaAmerica pic.twitter.com/4Hh0m14twe

27/06/2016 07:19:53 WIB
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COPA90 US @Copa90US

We've got killer seats for this #CopaAmerica Final. Thanks to @sprint for the sick view! #Sprint4Copa pic.twitter.com/gNduQ4JVgd

27/06/2016 07:23:34 WIB
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Copa América @CopaAmerica

Some intense moments from #ARGvCHI. Who do you think is in better form so far? #Copa100 #CopaAmerica pic.twitter.com/elvWrX5YUC

27/06/2016 07:29:21 WIB
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URL Vine Ouch. #CopaAmerica Vine by Eric Adelson
Squawka Football @Squawka

Marcelo Díaz has been sent off after just 28 mins in the #CopaAmerica final, only the second red card of his career. pic.twitter.com/JsDsu0v9IM

27/06/2016 07:38:33 WIB
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Ed ⚽ @iDonkeyPunchHoe

I wanted to watch a great final, but it's hard when refs make calls like that. It changes the whole game up. #CopaAmerica

27/06/2016 07:38:55 WIB
Jake Cohen @JakeFCohen

This referee is using his cards like they're Groupons that expire tomorrow. #CopaAmerica

27/06/2016 07:48:20 WIB
Paul Rabil @PaulRabil

More attention to the ref than the match, unfortunately. Bleh. #CopaAmerica

27/06/2016 07:49:07 WIB
Trevor Hayward @HeyHayward

Is this ref available for birthday parties? #CopaAmerica

27/06/2016 07:49:39 WIB
マーク @Mperegrino_

Ref be like "Yellow card for you' Red card for you, Cards for everyone"!!! #CopaAmerica pic.twitter.com/ZcqIhAA5V5

27/06/2016 07:49:45 WIB
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