#Euro2016: #WALNIR (Wales v Northern Ireland)

On Thursday, Wales voted Brexit. Norn Iron voted Remain. On Saturday, they met in Paris, France.
Michael McGovern @mcgov12

Thanks for all the messages and thanks to the gawa for the incredible support. The boys really appreciate it 💚

22/06/2016 16:05:14 WIB
Orange @orange

It’s not about the players, it’s about you. #WAL or #NIR? Light up the @LaTourEiffel! #OrangeSponsorsYou pic.twitter.com/M9mB9p5lSt

24/06/2016 16:48:02 WIB
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Ysgol Tregarth @YsgolTregarth

Bydd plant Tregarth yn canu heddiw ar ôl cael cardiau fel plant ar draws y wlad diolch i @Cymraeg #WALNIR #Wal #NIR pic.twitter.com/uaiuWBD1Ea

25/06/2016 15:24:12 WIB
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Sophie Ingle @sophieingle01

Huge good luck today boys @FAWales Cannot wait for the game!!! 🐉🌼🔴🔴 #TogetherStronger

25/06/2016 15:47:34 WIB
Laura McAllister 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @LauraMcAllister

Before football takes over, few thoughts on EU referendum from me-Changing political landscape of Wales #Brexit bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-…

25/06/2016 15:59:46 WIB
Fine Gael & Fianna Fail Delenda Est @Lamhfada

I love this. Mostly be renaming England and Wales to the land of minus craic. #Brexit #EuRefResult pic.twitter.com/7QLkdh2zQ6

25/06/2016 16:53:38 WIB
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Bafétimbi Gomis @BafGomis

Good luck to The Wales for this important match! I wish you to win. Come on!!!@FAWales #TogetherStronger pic.twitter.com/58onncZY65

25/06/2016 17:13:49 WIB
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Not playing games? You've obviously forgotten there's an important game today! 😜 #WALNIR #TogetherStronger twitter.com/northernirelan…

25/06/2016 17:44:36 WIB
SF International @SFIntDept

A referendum on #IrishUnity is now the only sensible path to ensure prosperity for everyone on this island. #Brexit pic.twitter.com/qxi6lAuWMS

25/06/2016 18:40:04 WIB
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Máirtín Ó Muilleoir @newbelfast

Resolute leadership 4 Scotland from @NicolaSturgeon We need 2 fight as hard 2 defend strong remain mandate in North. Irish Govt must step up

25/06/2016 19:21:14 WIB
Helen Ward @helenwardie10

Can't wait for the @FAWales game this evening. Huge game & the most exciting time in Welsh football history ⚽️❤️ pic.twitter.com/5eLQUuLVZY

25/06/2016 19:39:50 WIB
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The #WAL players took a pre-match walk around Neuilly this afternoon. #WALNIR #EURO2016 #TogetherStronger pic.twitter.com/SjwbxJGcvM

25/06/2016 20:13:04 WIB
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Andrew Steele @andrewsteele05

Pure buzzing for this match can't wait!! Good luck to the lads!! High hopes for today we're more than capable ⚽⚽💚💚 #GAWA #DareToDream

25/06/2016 20:38:14 WIB
WrathfulMrP @WrathfulMrP

@FAWales @NorthernIreland you might have the goals but have you met McGovern

25/06/2016 20:38:15 WIB
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