#Burzynski tweets minus the RTs - streamlined version :) cc @_JosephineJones

The last one I did had every single tweet since 18 November 2011 including all the RTs so it was a bit long. This just has a single copy of each tweet, and it's chronological so the earliest tweet is first and the most recent one is at the end. Chirpstory lets you do this :-)
disease CURE
craighealth @craighealth
#Texas Medical Board again tries to destroy Dr. #Burzynski with new lawsuit to revoke his #medical license http://t.co/tXW1Sp9V #cancer
rey rey @_reyus
Finally watched this. RT RT RT RT " @BrodyDalle: THE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY ON THE PLANET http://t.co/4eojh1Je " #Burzynski
Rabah Rahil @rabahrahil
makes me even more pro small government. never will look at the FDA again as helping consumers... http://t.co/PhCDl13D @GetGlue #Burzynski
Andy L @lecanardnoir
Shocking. Today's credulous Observer story: how @peterkay_co_uk duped into raising money for #burzynski's quack clinic http://t.co/tDDrA0qx
Jen Keane @zenbuffy
Sad to see the news about Peter Kay raising money that will go to #Burzynski when legit cancer research needs so much support.
Ficus Religiosa @pfigtree
I love documentaries. If you know of any good ones I should watch, let me know. http://t.co/ZpQXrRWk @GetGlue #Burzynski
John Stabler @JohnStabler
Was researching #Burzynski and followed a @rhysmorgan link. http://t.co/9QO5ewBf being grief-stricken makes people do/say stupid things.
Dave Briggs 🥦☠️ @xtaldave
#Burzynski is a quack. He knowingly pushes ineffective therapies for which there is not one jot of evidence. http://t.co/BKGdvrXc
Andy L @lecanardnoir
Soon to post blog on #Burzynski and yesterday's terrible Observer article.
Adam Jacobs @statsguyuk
Looking forward to it! RT @lecanardnoir: Soon to post blog on #Burzynski and yesterday's terrible Observer article.
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Jovember @JoBrodie 29/11/2011 01:01:42 WIB
Another 15 pages of #Burzynski tweets added - 18-28 Nov but missing out 26th and 27th!
Jovember @JoBrodie 03/12/2011 05:38:59 WIB
Most of the #Burzynski tweets - now over 550 views. Feel free to embed in blogs etc.
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