Jonathan Rugman @jrug
Egypt's radicalised youth fight on - A new corps of protestors are armed with stones and Molotov cocktails, and they... http://t.co/3LJ3QHQF
Jonathan Rugman @jrug
Military don't want election postponement, also own goal for protestors. Security situation beyond Cairo may decide this.
Jonathan Rugman @jrug
Army standing on top of new concrete wall keeping an angry crowd away from Egyptian police. It is tense but the truce is holding.
Jonathan Rugman @jrug
Got out of Tahrir Sq for a v different view nr Giza: "The army has to stay. If the army leaves we will have nobody else."
Jonathan Rugman @jrug
"Tahrir protestors don't represent broad cross section of Egyptians who respect army and can't stomach 2nd revolution this year" (discuss)
Anjali Kamat @anjucomet
Thousands turning into dokki square to #tahrir all calling for fall of military junta. "Say it. Don't be scared #scaf must go!"
Anjali Kamat @anjucomet
Tens of ppl in march wearing eyepatches #tahrir
Anjali Kamat @anjucomet
Crossing qasr al nil bridge "nafs annas nafs a kubri al matlab maghayirshi" same bridge same ppl the demand hasn't changed. Echoes of jan28
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy
I look across #Tahrir, jam packed, drums, chanting, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. #Egypt will be free.
سلطان سعود القاسمي @SultanAlQassemi
Youm7 citing the @Guardian: Rights organisation: Egypt's generals hands are tainted with blood of protesters http://t.co/NctGdjcm Arabic
Mostafa Sheshtawy @msheshtawy
انا بحب الإشتراكيين, الناس دي محترمة و بتفهم والله
ORH @ORHamilton
Tahrir is back to its best self. Singing, joking, families. This is what happens when we're left alone.
Abbas @ShereefAbbas
Maspero R @Sarahcarr JOIN HIM TAHRIR R @hossambahgat: أنا جوا مبنى ماسبيرو. جنود الجيش المسلحين أكثر من المدنيين جوا مبنى الإذاعة والتلفزيون
Rowan Abd El Meguid @RowanAhmed
I know it's not the time to say that but how do ppl walk in the protests in heels ??
Ramy Yaacoub @RamyYaacoub
@ghadasha Suez, Asuit, Ismailia, Alexandria, these are the ones I have confirmed information on
أبو كار @Sarahcarr
Ganz is a comedy goldmine and Egyptians are already digging. Follow @kamalelganzouri
خالتى نزيهة @7thousandyears
LOL RT @folliefolli: كان يخلص ويقول مش من حق الشعب يختار اصلا ..ايه الهم ده
خالتى نزيهة @7thousandyears
RT @Egyptwebs: عيب على فكره لما تغلط فى الحمار الحمار ازكى منه بكتير
Blake News @blakehounshell
RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt protesters block cabinet building to prevent entry of new PM #tahrir #Egypt
Hadeel Al-Shalchi @hadeelalsh
RT @sarahcarr: Ganz is a comedy goldmine and Egyptians are already digging. Follow @KamalElGanzouri
Mariam Ibrahim @MariamMaged
now they're talking about how thin she got.. why am I here again? "hiii 3amla eeeih... blah blah blah"
Shadi Hamid @shadihamid
Afterwards, cab driver told me he was worried I might be a "Jew" or "Israeli" who had learned to speak Arabic. #Egypt
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