CNN Business @CNNBusiness
Alibaba's Jack Ma: Fake goods are better than the real deal cnnmon.ie/1U6zcYh $BABA pic.twitter.com/92fH32dvxC
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Bloomberg @business
Alibaba's Jack Ma says Chinese-made counterfeit goods are today better than the real thing bloom.bg/1Uh2k1m pic.twitter.com/S7G19etTNd
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marian schneps @smarian88
@business Didn't Ma earlier said he'll fight to eliminate counterfeit items fm Alibaba? Now, this is what the company really is,counterfeit
yvesinthecity @yvesinthecity
@business um...ok then maybe make your own logo and design your own goods. 🙄
Mirela @Mpeople
@business that's fine, but they should be sued for infringing trademarks and stealing everyone's intellectual property
The Wall Street Journal @WSJ
Alibaba’s Jack Ma says fakes "better quality and better price than the real names" on.wsj.com/1XoINPZ
URL WSJ Jack Ma Says Fakes “Better Quality and Better Price Than the Real Names” Alibaba’s Jack Ma stepped into a firestorm with a comment that fakes were sometimes better quality than originals.“The problem is the fake products today are of better quality and better price than the real names,” he said at Alibaba’s investor day in Han
Jack Franklin @ukelelejack
@WSJ OMG, this hustler is telling the TRUTH. There gonna crucify this guy!
The Tweets™ @FTweets789
@WSJ alibaba actually a code name for thief in arabic. hence their attitude is.
🧟‍♂️ zombiewankenobi🍥 @Herbiwankenobi
@WSJ Coming from a Chinese entrepreneur. I'm not surprised
Dev Baruah @dev_baruah
@WSJ These kind of mentality makes China the biggest source of "fakes" in the world!
George Chen @george_chen
The problem is fake products today, they make better quality, better prices than real products, real names - Jack Ma pic.twitter.com/7WFC5vbFfh
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Simeon Lando @simeonjl
"China's fake goods are so sharp that Alibaba is struggling to tell the difference" #fintech bloomberg.com/news/articles/…


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