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Reda Klimanskiene @klimanskiene

#pblcourse is an effective experience to develop collaboration and communication skills! Proud of myself!

14/06/2016 02:27:57 WIB
Sofia Lobato @anasofialobato1

#pblcourse Congratulations on the course! I'm loving it!

14/06/2016 02:27:41 WIB
Maria Sourgiadaki 🌍🇪🇺🇬🇷 @marias301

First day of mod2, I learned 2 new english words: substantive= ουσιαστικός interdependent= αλληλοεξαρτώμενος #pblcourse

14/06/2016 02:24:37 WIB
Amélia Vilarinho @mariamelya

@BartVerswijvel #pblcourse PBL organises learning around a curriculum by allowing teachers and students a more active and interactive role

14/06/2016 02:20:14 WIB
Koutouzisp @koutouzisp

#pblcourse I came as teacher and i could leave as a teacher, but i stayed because i was learning. Bertold Breht

14/06/2016 02:17:21 WIB
Amélia Vilarinho @mariamelya

@BartVerswijvel #pblcourse Formative and continuous. Immediate feedback when needed. Self-evaluation, group reflection...

14/06/2016 02:15:46 WIB
Amélia Vilarinho @mariamelya

@BartVerswijvel #pblcourse ICT , tablets, smart board... some interactive "tools" in WEB.2 (in Portuguese, sorry!) sites.google.com/site/mariameli…

14/06/2016 02:05:19 WIB
RemediosValera @mvalalb

Can we use PBL with young students of foreign languages? Has anybody tried it?#PBLcourse

14/06/2016 02:01:04 WIB
Alexandra bla @alexandra_12b

It is permitted but not encouraged, because of the strict curriculum. Thus we need to make it more flexible. #pblcourse

14/06/2016 01:59:38 WIB
Rosa Maria Medeiros @roosameedeiros

#PBLcourse How to introduce PBL in special needs education students classroom?

14/06/2016 01:58:17 WIB
AnneliRumm @anneli_rumm

@BartVerswijvel I think Moodle wiki and forum could support PBL and there is possibility to use Google Drive,Trello,Zoho Projects #PBLcourse

14/06/2016 01:58:16 WIB
AnneliRumm @anneli_rumm

@BartVerswijvel Can`t say I am a fan as I have not tried it with students. I think the main benefit would be deeper learning #PBLcourse

14/06/2016 01:52:46 WIB
Sara viotti @sara_viotti

#pblcourse I've lost the chat because I was...at school...until 8 p.m. marking...I hope it won't influence my learning...

14/06/2016 01:52:12 WIB
Reneta Raicheva @RenetaRaicheva

@mariamelya Thxxx, too, dear Amelia! How lovely ideas here?...:) #pblcourse

14/06/2016 01:48:23 WIB
Koutouzisp @koutouzisp

#pblcourse Thanks everybody for all the wonderfull ideas.

14/06/2016 01:48:09 WIB
AnneliRumm @anneli_rumm

@BartVerswijvel Hello, I`m Anneli from Estonia and I am an educational technologist #PBLcourse

14/06/2016 01:48:07 WIB
MrsU @auatGG

@viralber @betinaastride because we once started with @eu_schoolnet courses we are now addicted and go on #pblcourse

14/06/2016 01:46:37 WIB
viralber @viralber

@auatGG @betinaastride #pblcourse influenced also my teaching and my vision of education

14/06/2016 01:44:59 WIB
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Emilio Amella @EmilioAmella 14/06/2016 05:42:32 WIB
Thanks for the chat. It has been very interesting.