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Abortion, Murder, and the #OccupySeattle Miscarriage

A conversation about questions of murder, person-hood, and abortion. Centred on the woman whose unborn child was aborted by police brutality at #OccupySeattle. The discussion was quite quick, so the tweets are perhaps a bit jumbled. I arranged them as clearly as I could.
Kathy Randall @KathyAngel2

When a pregnant protester miscarries from cops misdeeds, who should pay? @KGW @KeithOlbermann

23/11/2011 01:32:56 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@KathyAngel2 Tricky situation. Could call it murder, but then what about abortion? Rock and a hard place, it seems. @KGW @KeithOlbermann

23/11/2011 01:40:25 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

So before anyone starts saying "Cops murdered that #OccupySeattle woman's unborn child", think about your position on abortion. ^_^

23/11/2011 02:46:24 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@astriddare You're welcome. It's a teachable moment. Either we can abort unborn kids and cops get away with causing miscarriage, or not.

23/11/2011 02:47:32 WIB

@timeoutcorner I couldn't find nice words for it, but I feel the same way. Seems like laughable hypocrisy, tbh.

23/11/2011 02:48:51 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@astriddare Sigh.... yeah. It's uncomfortable. I favour abortion, and my knee-jerk reaction was "murder". But then I thought about it. :

23/11/2011 02:51:55 WIB
Rose Bellitzia @RoseBellitzia

@timeoutcorner @astriddare um. explain a little more.having.brain.freeze.on.this one..

23/11/2011 02:49:30 WIB

@RoseBellitzia @timeoutcorner Some of the most outraged about the miscarriage possibly caused by police are also the strongest pro-choice.

23/11/2011 02:50:40 WIB

@timeoutcorner Wait, but abortion is a woman's choice. Being kicked in the stomach is not.

23/11/2011 02:49:31 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@LizzieCady Correct. The mother suffered aggravated assault and should sue. I hope she does! But the miscarried isn't murder.

23/11/2011 02:53:13 WIB
#tacorevolutionary @JustSikko

@timeoutcorner i dont think having an abortion and someone causing you to have a miscarriage are the same thing one is a choice one is force

23/11/2011 02:52:35 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@AnonSikko Oh, not at all. Mother suffered aggravated assault. But the miscarriage isn't murder because that would mean abortion = murder.

23/11/2011 02:54:41 WIB

@timeoutcorner Ohh, I get what you're saying. Still, it's dreadful and it makes me so sad/mad.

23/11/2011 02:53:55 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@LizzieCady Same here. As I told @astriddare my first reaction was 'murder'. But this smacks headlong into a very thorny issue.

23/11/2011 02:56:50 WIB

@timeoutcorner @AnonSikko @astriddare Which many would agree with, the assertion that abortion = murder (the living thing has been created)

23/11/2011 02:55:51 WIB

@timeoutcorner @AnonSikko @astriddare if it's proven that the miscarriage was from the assault. Then yes, it'… (cont)

23/11/2011 02:56:51 WIB

@CalebNewz @timeoutcorner @AnonSikko You can't prove that though. She could have miscarried just because of stress.

23/11/2011 02:57:41 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@CalebNewz Your argument is predicated upon an unborn child being legally a person. Which would illegalise abortion. @AnonSikko @astriddare

23/11/2011 02:57:34 WIB

@timeoutcorner Dammit. I get what you're saying. I think it's important to think about that kind of language.

23/11/2011 02:57:28 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@LizzieCady Oh yes. A problem. If, say, liberals conceded: foetises are people, then corporations could be made illegal. Food for thought.

23/11/2011 02:59:58 WIB

@timeoutcorner Hmm that is an interesting thought. REALLY thorny issue!

23/11/2011 03:03:38 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@LizzieCady Yes, very. As I've noted to others, care must be taken here. The situation is extremely complex, and fraught with many pitfalls.

23/11/2011 03:07:33 WIB
#tacorevolutionary @JustSikko

@timeoutcorner idk about this cause this would mean we could go around punching prego women in the stomachs all day long

23/11/2011 02:57:22 WIB
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