Carina Axelsson @CarinaAuthor
@ERMurray You're a genius! 👑 Thank you - you've just made Twitter a whole lot MORE fun for me! 👏🏼🙋🏻 #MGiechat
Oisín McGann @OisinMcGann
@whatSFSaid Fair contract terms & proper pay for things like festivals are a must, but we still have to sell book. 2/2. @ERMurray #MGiechat
Oisín McGann @OisinMcGann
@whatSFSaid There is a danger with writing that we compare it with 'normal' jobs. Publishers don't owe us a living 1/2. @ERMurray #MGiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
#MGiechat @CarinaAuthor I manage to make it happen monthly - open for more topics!!
Oran Doyle @orandoyler
@CarinaAuthor #MGiechat Thanks Carina. Still long way to go to getting something even ready to send to an agent, but keeping at it.
Caroline Busher @CarolineBusher
@orandoyler @ERMurray We will all be experts at instagram the next time we meet for #mgiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
#MGiechat @AlNolan you too! Thank you :) (off for my dinner too, shortly)
Oran Doyle @orandoyler
#MGiechat And just got the news - no break in! Just an open window. Still it brought some drama to the chat.
Ellen McCarthy @EMcCarthyWriter
@ERMurray Thank you. And all you other writerly people for sharing. It's been fun and informative : ) #MGiechat
Carina Axelsson @CarinaAuthor
@orandoyler Anytime! I hope you get started on it! And good luck with your book! 👍🏼📚💫 #MGiechat
Alan 'quick on the draw' Nolan @AlNolan
@ERMurray #Mgiechat Right, I'm off for me dinner. Thank you all for a great chat!
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