Jangan Dibuka, Ini Cuma Koleksi Gambar Kebab Enak-enak Kok (Laper Cing!)

Jess @HouseofGreedy

Late (ish?) night homemade #kebab. Bulgar wheat, roasted pepper & chilli salad...and a bit of cheeky houmous. pic.twitter.com/lcCrYuxanA

23/04/2016 05:23:00 WIB
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Tastefully Trim @TastefullyTrim

Had myself a treat tonight with saved syns, shish kebab..but damage limitation with homemade chips! #slimmingworld pic.twitter.com/4gMRCF1euU

20/05/2016 02:42:48 WIB
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Homemade flatbreads. Thanks to @DreamingOfTGL for the recipe 👍🏻 chicken kebab on the go pic.twitter.com/dZiuj7wJxe

21/05/2016 01:04:13 WIB
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Anna @drfarzana93

homemade kebab. sbb rindu pasar malam malaysia 😶 pic.twitter.com/A5vWRD0tNm

24/05/2016 20:52:36 WIB
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Miss Molly @missy_molly_mol

Dinner. Homemade kebab with the last of Sunday's lamb and yesterday's green chilli sauce pic.twitter.com/a9ZZ09SmMM

26/05/2016 00:37:32 WIB
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راحلة عائشة الوحيد @rahila1sha

Very much enjoyed my lunch today....homemade kebab panini ₩garlic & chilli sauce😋 pic.twitter.com/AcqHKSM5R2

01/06/2016 22:31:13 WIB
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Kevin Osborne @skinoverbone

Homemade doner kebab. Seasoned lamb mince, squeezed into a ball and then slow cooked. Just need 8 pints now. pic.twitter.com/UsUuZX11pf

02/06/2016 04:02:33 WIB
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pramita joe @niteybreeze

Good morning, My homemade kebab! Yummm Let's! Have a nice weekend to every one! #ZlatanIbrahimovic welcome to OT♡ pic.twitter.com/lQC34JXZYB

04/06/2016 09:26:14 WIB
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Siema Iqbal @siemaiqbal

Food pic etiquette during #Ramadan : Only share the pic if you're willing to share the recipe or invite me round! 👊🏼 #Ramadan2016

06/06/2016 03:36:12 WIB


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