Anatomy of a [Shaadi] Crash

I decide to go to a random shaadi to steal food. All sorts of tweeters weigh in with their advice.
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Ahmer Naqvi @karachikhatmal
My wife is trying to convince me to dress up and sneak into the shaadi hall nearby to steal some food. Has anyone tried this? Tips?
Samad Khurram @SamadK
@karachikhatmal Easy Peezy. Just act confident and be on the phone for the most part.
NoorJehan Arif @arifnoorjehan
@karachikhatmal dress up, walk in smile and meet guests. its really that simple
J @JavKella
@karachikhatmal Me and my cousin, once asked our servant to sneak up, and bring some ice cream. And it worked :D
Talat Aslam @titojourno
@SamadK @karachikhatmal If caught claim you are Naseer Bhai's bhaanja. Don't worry. There is always a Naseer Bhai at weddings
Samad Khurram @SamadK
@titojourno Ali Bhai has a higher chance of success. And there are 100s of Ali Bhais in each family. @karachikhatmal
Kiran Nazish @kirannazish
@karachikhatmal What, you haven't done this before? It's fun. Just play cool. Eat but don't spill. Go with her.
Goga Nalaik @Dair_Hushiyar
@karachikhatmal Enter and scatter....dont follow..."one for all / all for one"....if anyone gets caught....he/she quietly leaves
Jawad Nasir @Jawad_JV
@karachikhatmal simply say you're a driver of falaana sahab (point at a man far away). Dinner is served!
NoorJehan Arif @arifnoorjehan
@karachikhatmal looks like a lot of people are talking from experience. Now I know shadion main itni public kiun hoti hai!
Khushal @Khushal
@karachikhatmal Why is everyone saying to dressup, i say dress-low, pretend you're with the Kitchen staff, Bring a DAIG home!
Ahmer Naqvi @karachikhatmal
OK thank you all for the advice on how to get in. Now for step 2. How do I take the food out, to bring it home? Take shopping bags with me?
HawkesBay (Löuche) @HawkesBay
@karachikhatmal you pay off a waiter dude to get his outfit. load shit up on a tray and walk right off with it. #roleplay
LaHaq @LaHaq
@karachikhatmal take 2 plates piled with food out & say its for Aunty jee... No one will question that.
khizar @sccizer
@karachikhatmal Rookie mistake. Take 2 big ass plates, fill one n cover with the other. U r taking it for "them" in a hurry if asked
Khushal @Khushal
@karachikhatmal Hey wait:O - Don't forget to take a DSLR, if all fails, you're the Wedding Photographer... and you need food.
Sky is Neela @SkyisNeela
@karachikhatmal if you get caught, don't feign a heart attack... They just get more angry..
Taha Siddiqui @TahaSSiddiqui
@karachikhatmal I have done this. Back in the day. U can always switch between "from boys side" to "..girls side" depending who u talking to
Feisal H. Naqvi @laalshah
@karachikhatmal Amateurs! 1st step is to hug bride's father & express regrets that "uncle" couldn't come. 9/10 times FoB then serves you.
Madiha R @ahidamzair
@karachikhatmal As a crowning jewel in this excellent charade, please hand in an empty envelope as well.
Ahmer Naqvi @karachikhatmal
OK gang this is it. Have put on a suit and shoes. Leaving for the shaadi now. Wish me luck!!
Ahmer Naqvi @karachikhatmal
this is KK's wife. He has just left to do the #
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Imaad Rashid @ComradeiVaN_ 06/11/2012 16:39:39 WIB
ahahah .. this is brilliant .. *tips pagri* ... well done, sir
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