Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Exploring & Exposing the impact of HH's Family Ties

#HipHopEd's weekly chat on 5-10-16 was "Exploring & Exposing the impact of HH's Family Tie". This chat was dedicated to the memory of Tupac Shakur's mother Afeni Shakur. Visit www.HipHopEd.com for more information & Build with us weekly on Twitter from 9-10 PM EST on Tuesdays
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Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:00:23 WIB
Welcome 2 #HipHopEd tonight we are exploring & exposing the impact of "family" on Hip-Hop music & culture
Rogue Rich Lund @TungstenClan 11/05/2016 08:00:53 WIB
I'll be in #HipHopEd for about the next hour. Come join. Learn a thing or two. Teach me a thing or two.
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:01:18 WIB
Tonight's chat is in memory of #AfeniShakur but we are looking at family in a broader view than just her and her son Tupac #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:02:43 WIB
Family in theory has been a part of Hip-Hop since it's creation #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:04:19 WIB
There are many songs & interludes where artist reference & or include their parents & families #HipHopEd
Mildred Boveda @mildredboveda 11/05/2016 08:04:36 WIB
When I saw today's topic I thought of Nas & his dad; drake's dad & his uncle & Prince collaborator Larry Graham; gen. Talent #HipHopEd
Rogue Rich Lund @TungstenClan 11/05/2016 08:04:59 WIB
Not sure if this is part of the theme tonight, but couldn't help playing @GhostfaceKillah on #MothersDay. #HipHopEd youtube.com/watch?v=DqPAUf…
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the missing copula @themba 11/05/2016 08:05:17 WIB
@S_dF @tjoosten @dcbphd @triplingual oh no! I'm here for the hip-hop vs edtech discussion. i think it's a valid convo. and extends #hiphoped
Mildred Boveda @mildredboveda 11/05/2016 08:05:19 WIB
Also though of Kanye and Common's moms who were in academia #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:06:08 WIB
@bovrd Interesting b/c I thought about @Nas & the song about his mother & the way his brother credited his Mom #HipHopEd
AKAdemic @gjladson 11/05/2016 08:06:23 WIB
#HipHopEd one of the thing HH does for some Ss is help them create/recreate family! #LoveMakesAFamily
Eric Collazo @TeachDCMrC 11/05/2016 08:06:55 WIB
HH shines a light on the idea that family ties r more than blood. It is also the people in our communities that we call bro + sis. #hiphoped
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:07:01 WIB
Definitely appropriate for the topic & a great song about the impact of family #HipHopEd twitter.com/TungstenClan/s…
Amirah Muhammad @amirahrashidah 11/05/2016 08:08:23 WIB
Interesting that a good bit of hip-hop creatives have parents that were creatives, activists, in academia, like @common. #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:08:27 WIB
@common series of "Pop's" Raps on a number of his CDs can serve as a great activity 2 engage Ss #HipHopEd
Rogue Rich Lund @TungstenClan 11/05/2016 08:08:58 WIB
.@GhostfaceKillah kept with it in 2006 with this one which also had #MothersDay play. He loved his mother. #HipHopEd youtube.com/watch?v=BC6xbd…
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Mildred Boveda @mildredboveda 11/05/2016 08:09:08 WIB
As a girl from S. FL have to acknowledge Master P and his fam as well as Birdman and Slim #respek #HipHopEd
Amirah Muhammad @amirahrashidah 11/05/2016 08:09:09 WIB
This was what I was thinking about in my last tweet. RIP to Pops. #HipHopEd twitter.com/tdj6899/status…
Cee O. @NoLimits224 11/05/2016 08:09:22 WIB
Hip-Hop allows for people to talk about family issues that are considered "taboo" w/o backlash. #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 11/05/2016 08:09:23 WIB
@KeishaBlain Anything that I and or #HipHopEd can do please let me know
AKAdemic @gjladson 11/05/2016 08:09:41 WIB
#HipHopEd OGs like @SnoopDogg & LLCoolJ have maintained longstanding, stable families
Cee O. @NoLimits224 11/05/2016 08:10:47 WIB
@amirahrashidah Def illustrates the way knowledge is transferred through generations in diff ways. #HipHopEd
Amirah Muhammad @amirahrashidah 11/05/2016 08:10:55 WIB
.@Nas' pops is Olu Dara, a trumpet player & blues artist who toured with Art Blakey back in the 70s. All about tradition. #HipHopEd
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