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To see and be seen on 2 wheels

Too many cyclists forget that a dark road can be their enemy. Consequently, head protection and visibility have to be on the prioroty list.
Yehowahi™ @Yeho_

Car pass here...Motor pass here...Bicycle pass here...and they all had a big CRASH!!!...#OLDTIMES

05/11/2012 15:15:52 WIB
Portland OR News @portlandorbuzz

Woman injured in Hwy 26 bike-involved crash: A Portland woman riding a bicycle was taken to the hospital after she...

05/11/2012 01:10:32 WIB
Andy Quayle @techburgh

Smart crash reporting for cyclist bicycle (and other) helmets?

03/11/2012 19:12:02 WIB
URL TechBurgh - TechBurgh - Relevant Tech. News. Reviews. Views. PodCasts. Pittsburgh and beyond! Smart crash reporting for cyclist bicycle (and other) helmets? Currently being funded through indiegogo, the ICEdot Crash Sensor is a marvelous idea that promotes personal safety through technology. The idea is that you (buy and) mount the ICEdot Crash Sensor button on your motorcycle, bicycle, skiing, or ...
Bradenton News @BRADENTONnews

Bradenton boy on bike injured in hit-and-run: A teenager riding a bicycle is injured in a hit-and-run crash. Click...

03/11/2012 10:10:32 WIB
UTV Live News @UTVNews

Portadown crash victim named: A 75-year-old man who died after his bicycle was in collision with a car in Portad...

02/11/2012 21:28:01 WIB
CityofAdelaide @CityofAdelaide

Green Bicycle Lanes = Increased visibility and safety of cyclist in high crash risk areas = #SmartMove for #Adelaide

02/11/2012 06:00:05 WIB
Adam @Adgards

That cyclist who is always on Burtree Lane is gonna cause an accident one day

05/11/2012 15:50:28 WIB
Don Doornbos @ddoorn

Cross Country Cyclist Killed by Motorist Near Her Home - Accident:

05/11/2012 09:16:39 WIB
Nicole Anderson @raowaraow

nasty accident occurred in front of us at #NoosaTri. Cyclist vs pedestrian. Cyclist ok. Ped bad head injury.Hope she's ok. #alwaysoncall

04/11/2012 12:22:39 WIB
Lynda Desiree @EstefaniaLuv

Goodness!! The bus I board now met with an accident. Hitting a cyclist down, luckily not seriously injured.

03/11/2012 07:03:29 WIB

During Autumn and Winter days are shorter and nights on the road can be dangerous.

It is important for cyclists and motorcyclists to be seen by drivers.

Having a back and front light is also vital.

Too many cyclists don't have those cheap little lamps but have the means to buy expensive bikes!

Life can change in no time.

You can't buy a new life, so when going to your nearest bike shop plan your budget.

A good helmet and some decent lights. Maybe expensive? But your life could be saved by such investments.

Almost everyday, there are several reports about cycle accidents.

Most of the time, the rider is safe but when there is an injury it means hospital, treatements...etc. Making a claim is then advisable in order to be get compensation for any loss of earnings you’ve suffered, any expenses you’ve had to pay out as a direct consequence of your injury.


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