May 10th #MGiechat: Topic Children's Book Events

Talking about great children's book event, what makes the great, tips on how to plan and deliver an event.
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ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
.@sarahwebbishere Yes, sorry, I was thinking of the massive big top events rather than festival workshops @AnSiogGlas #MGiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
#MGiechat @sharontwriter all the time! Wexford, Listowel, Dublin ILF, children's book, Belfast, festival in October - lots.
Olivia still has hope @OliviaMHope
@ERmurray you missed a trick not including Eurovision hashtag with #mgiechat. You could have trended GLOBALLY
Caroline Twomey @cartwomey
Thanks for the great tips #MGieChat and @ERMurray! Until next time ")
✿ Laura Harrison/Pheebs ✿ @Pheebs22_
#mgiechat Could I ask what a writing fest is like, never been to one.
Olivia still has hope @OliviaMHope
@sarahwebbishere @ERMurray that makes it a very special experience. I was so impressed with @propermiss at Mountains to Sea #mgiechat
Sarah Webb @sarahwebbishere
Dear Lord that is frightening, Olivia. Mad Alice in Wonderland Queen maybe, oracle, nope! #mgiechat…
Anne O'Leary @wordherding
@ERMurray @SJOHart Can imagine it must be so daunting to read sometimes #mgiechat
Caroline Busher @CarolineBusher
Thanks @ERMurray you were amazing as usual! Goodbye everyone, waving from Wexford! #MGiechat
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