Black Twitter Roasts @MontanaDeleon

I was minding my business, returned to Twitter to utter hilarity in the Twitterverse. The offense? YouTube videos made by @MontanaDeleon providing tutorials for how to cook (and please your man) and maintain one's feminine hygiene. There's just one problem: Montana can't cook. Like, at all. Ever. We blame Patriarchy. Enjoy.
TUBE Twitter deleon montana BLACK cooking YOU naw
Sashii3 @Sashii3
montana deleon is a bit cookey but i like her. didnt before, but she's growing on me.
ONYC Hair and Beauty @onychairnbeauty
Presenting Montana Deleon with her Review of the ONYC Curly Addiction 3B. *Drum Roll Please* ..... Montana cr…
Ashley L. Herring @songstrist11
@jeffuhz Let me tell you, that's where I need to be. Singing those BGVs on all the award shows!
Miss Shawn! @thepbg
NeNe making Hollywood moves. Phaedra hustlin. Kandi been making money. Black girls DO rock and outside your fuck-ass box! #RHOA
Kristy Tillman @KristyT
@thewaveparticle My tweets expire after like 15 minutes. After that I don't care about anyone's opinion.
Kristy Tillman @KristyT
LMAO MT @callmehurris: @me :She acts likes shes famous but she isnt even twitter verified.
Old Picture of Dorianna Gray @blurbette
FYI those were RECIPES from Sex Kitten -whom I adore- Montana Deleon!!!!!!!!! But listen....
Carolyn Edgar @carolynedgar
@MissZindzi a lot of children really have been left behind, haven't they?
william. @willtbh
Look at all of this unholiness that @MissZindzi is entertaining on her TL.
Naima Cochrane @naima
Can we all collectively decide to report @metroadlib and @MissZindzi as spam, or something?
Lisa @belle_noire
@MissZindzi @DragonflyJonez he sounds like someone who had a lot of time to sit in jail and think about stuff...
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