Baru baru ini akun resmi film reboot Power Rangers merilis tampilan kostum para rangersnya!

Power Rangers @ThePowerRangers
Go Go Power Rangers! Check out this behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the Rangers! #PowerRangersMovie - Coming in 2017 pic.twitter.com/TK4olcuK2i
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ScreenSavers @ScreenSaversID
Foto resmi perdana kostum para "Power Rangers" versi reboot! via @EW pic.twitter.com/PBtzFyLNHo
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Ben B. Singer @BenBSinger
#PowerRangers is looking sick! (Don't take it too seriously. It was always a silly franchise for selling toys.) pic.twitter.com/6bfGRrYxwB
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Matt Doering @mattdoering
I understand the desire to come up with a "modern/fresh" take, but lord these new costumes are STIFF. #PowerRangers pic.twitter.com/lLKHrA7Cp0
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komentar yang muncul dari orang orang : mirip Iron Man yah! :))

Pat Torfe @pattorfe
The new Power Rangers costumes look like Iron Man, the Robocop remake and Nolan's Batman in a blender.
ム🍃 @SindarOath
The Power Rangers. Brought to you by Stark industries. pic.twitter.com/Y1Ug9T8ZEJ
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BossLogic @Bosslogic
Official iron man I mean Power Rangers suits revealed pic.twitter.com/P3x1cu4HHe
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Cameron Howe @CamzoOG
First image from the "Iron Man Corps"... Wait I mean Power Rangers! pic.twitter.com/XdewUV5Imf
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Mike Drucker @MikeDrucker
First Thought: "Ugh, those new Power Rangers outfits are terrible." Second Thought: "Ugh, I'm a 32-year-old man with an opinion on that."
Taufiq  Sutjahjono @Pichink
Helmnya... Jadi kaya kepala alien.. Mulutnya ga ok.. Bnyk yg keliatan manyun ato malah monyong(?) pic.twitter.com/et0r2tzEys
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memang mirip sih keliatannya

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