Joe Sheik @Joe_Sheik
Thank you myfriend for this time and experience. Love to do it again. SO much fun. #etwion pic.twitter.com/aJAnwMqHLK
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Anthippi Harou 💻 @AnthippiHarou
Thanks for the wonderful and creative time I've had with all of you #etwion !🙌
Sandra Macabre @sandramacabre
Bye every one from #FrenchGuiana I have been really pleased to share with you! #etwion pic.twitter.com/j6TFwBwh4a
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Yellow @antonellalupol1
#etwion Thanks for all and for your inspiration .
Joe Sheik @Joe_Sheik
You were/ ARE an inspiration my friend... thank you for the peak into your professional world #etwion
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
Good #etwion luck to you all! It was really nice to meet you!
AngelikiKougiourouki @akougiou1
@abfromz @BartVerswijvel #etwion Thank Arjana, Bart for the great inspiration! Pleased to meet new colleagues here!!
Joe Sheik @Joe_Sheik
The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for teaching me so much. Invite me backany time.....and please #etwion members STAY IN TOUCH
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova
Thank you all especially @abfromz and @BartVerswijvel for this inspiring evening chat :) #etwion
Joe Sheik @Joe_Sheik
#etwion Thank you Arjana and Bart for a successful event and for inviting me to be part of it. You can invite me back any time.
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel
@evatoth84 This is só beautiful and só nice! #etwion They will never forget and start... networking, I'm sure!
Joe Sheik @Joe_Sheik
Thank you all for inviting me in . Ive thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and the lessons I have learned from you. #etwion
Solveiga Puisiene @solveigapui
thank you for everything, for sharing your knowledge, for your support, the best #etwion team
Amelia De Chiara @AmeliaDechiara
@abfromz @BartVerswijvel #etwion Grazie mille! Thank you so much. I hope I'll attend your next LE...can't wait for it!
Laima Kurauskienė @LKurauskiene
#etwion thank you Arjana and Bart for opening my eyes. Thank you dear friends for inspiration and good examples xx
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