Speechless! Saul Cetak Gol Indah ala Messi, Atletico Unggul Cepat Atas Bayern 1-0

Akankah Atletico melangkah ke Milan?
BBC Sport @BBCSport

Brilliant goal. A solo beauty from Saul Niguez, Atletico 1-0 Bayern. bbc.in/1NAsoEM pic.twitter.com/upYdtPSV3X

28/04/2016 01:57:49 WIB
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Unibet @unibet

Need a goal Atletico? Better Call Saul pic.twitter.com/Bt0HRnqCbc

28/04/2016 01:57:03 WIB
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Zia Fauzi @ZiaFzi_

Atletico unggul atas Bayen lewat gol Saul, 1-0 untuk Atletico. pic.twitter.com/jjyru2rduH

28/04/2016 01:58:23 WIB
URL Vine Saul!!!!Sweet dribble and finish Vine by LFC Seasons Past
URL Vine Dazziling run from Saul ! 1-0 Atletico Vine by Bambury Bookmakers
BBC Sport @BBCSport

All Atletico. They have had 5 shots at goal in first 15mins and lead 1-0. #AtletiBayern bbc.in/1NAsoEM pic.twitter.com/yjPS8FZ1pa

28/04/2016 02:02:07 WIB
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atletico are the team you do not want to be 1-0 down to.

28/04/2016 01:59:51 WIB
Hamzaa. @HamxaMadridista

Atletico's team spirit is too high bro.

28/04/2016 02:01:07 WIB
Fouad @FouadAFC

Diego Simeone is the main reason why Atletico Madrid are my second favorite team after Arsenal

28/04/2016 02:00:50 WIB


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