Da #HipHopEd Rewind: What is Hip-Hop Poetry feat @ToniBlackman

#HipHopEd's weekly chat on 4-19-16 was "What is Hip-Hop Poetry feat @ToniBlackman" This chat was moderated with @ToniBlackman Educator, Poet, Lyricist, Leader & Advocate for the arts. Visit www.HipHopEd.com for more information & Build with us weekly on Twitter from 9-10 PM EST on Tuesdays
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Timothy Jones @tdj6899 20/04/2016 08:00:55 WIB
Welcome 2 #HipHopEd tonight we are celebrating National Poetry Month w/ @ToniBlackman discussing What is Hip-Hop Poetry
#HipHopEd @TheRealHipHopEd 20/04/2016 08:00:35 WIB
Welcome to #HipHopEd chat. Tonight's chat will focus on the relationship btw Hip-Hop and poetry with special guest @ToniBlackman
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 20/04/2016 08:01:50 WIB
For those who don't normally rock w/ #HipHopEd we are a cyber cypher so please chime in using the hash tag
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 20/04/2016 08:02:41 WIB
@ToniBlackman Your 1st challenge is to introduce which identities you want 2 rock w/tonight in 140 characters #HipHopEd
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:03:46 WIB
@tdj6899 Hmmm. The challenge is on. I'm not even sure about identities but...I have a few questions. #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 20/04/2016 08:04:07 WIB
I will tweet out some thoughts about the topic for people 2 chime in on but please express yourself #HipHopEd
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:04:38 WIB
It's funny because the #HipHopEd tweets went out & I had 2 folk ask me if Rap was Poetry?
AKAdemic @gjladson 20/04/2016 08:04:56 WIB
#HipHopEd fundamental question...what is poetry?
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:05:32 WIB
They wanted to debate during the day so I asked them to join us for this exchange. #HipHopEd I am asked this question often: Is Rap Poetry?
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:06:29 WIB
So are we startin from the assumption that rap is poetry? Well, I am even though someone argued with me today & said a flat out NO #Hiphoped
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:07:16 WIB
His argument was that rap = music. It's song lyrics not poetry. #HipHopEd
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 20/04/2016 08:07:24 WIB
Major question when connecting hip-hop to poetry is why are we doing it? Is it to validate our work/culture? If so, don't need it #HipHopEd
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:08:02 WIB
I always tickled by this denial of Hip Hop when it comes to "higher" art. #HipHopEd
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:08:30 WIB
A mentor of mine would always argue that denying rap as poetry was rooted in its orality. #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 20/04/2016 08:08:43 WIB
I was in writerscorps w @Kennycarroll & we defined poetry as language written in language more creative than standard English #HipHopEd
Cee O. @NoLimits224 20/04/2016 08:08:50 WIB
Rap is poetry at its core since it is driven by uninhibited emotions & the desire to say what you need w/o consequences. #HipHopEd
Tessa Brown @tessalaprofessa 20/04/2016 08:09:06 WIB
Hiphop poets, tonight's #hiphopEd with @ToniBlackman is for you. I'm sitting down to some tacos with bae, but will catch up with y'all soon
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:09:23 WIB
The written word is often considered superior to the spoken in the Western world. #HipHopEd
AtLas' @Polaryss 20/04/2016 08:09:25 WIB
Rap and poetry are rooted in the same fundamental principles follow the same basic criteria. No? @ToniBlackman #HipHopEd
LiberationAesthetics @__Sequoia__ 20/04/2016 08:09:53 WIB
We connect rap to poetry because it helps us understand the way language, and language-play works #HipHopEd But we know its so much more
Toni Blackman @ToniBlackman 20/04/2016 08:09:59 WIB
But I believe "Poetry is to rap as sun is to light". I've said that to teachers in my workshops for years. #HipHopEd
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