Kejadiannya di minggu pertama bulan April

Kandidat calon presiden dari Partai Demokrat, Hillary Clinton, menaiki kereta bawah tanah Ney York tanggal 7 April 2016. Yang Jadi kehebohan adalah bahwa dia harus berjuang menggesek kartu elektronik agar mampu melewati pintu otomatis. Yang kemudian jadi olok-olok adalahm dia ingin menunjukkan bahwa dia dekat dengan kehidupan orang biasa tetapi naik kereta pun nyatanya dia harus berusaha setengah mati. Plus, dia juga adalah mantan senator Ney York yang seharusnya smengerti betul bagaimana sistem di Ney York bekerja.

URL CNN Hillary Clinton rides the subway, New Yorkers unfazed Hillary Clinton was on the subway. And New Yorkers were totally unfazed.
Julian @thejulianlim
Rode the subway for the first time today. It's not as complicated as Hillary makes it out to be. pic.twitter.com/atjU8K5keB
Alex Huey @AlexanderHuey
When you can’t get your card to unlock the door to your building and you feel like Hillary trying to use the subway pic.twitter.com/mb0eqKSR3v
Michael Del Moro @MikeDelMoro
"Come on, Hillary." -Father to his daughter (name not Hillary) trying, unsuccessfully, to swipe into the #NYC subway
Adam Knox @akconservative9
They told me Hillary Clinton rode the subway but I didn't believe it until now. pic.twitter.com/QbXORQe7kR
Jack Chaos @AskJackChaos
#disqualified Hillary Clinton was caught struggling to use her subway card to enter a New York City train
SJWs Always Lie Ω @SJWsAlwaysLie
Hillary couldn't work a metro card.. this is Bernie late for a train. pic.twitter.com/grwDVd4Pw2
The Newsman @TheNewsMan3
While Hillary pretends to b an average person @ a staged photo op on a NY subway car Bernie flies coach #FeelTheBern pic.twitter.com/P5m33yNUCV
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Heben Nigatu @heavenrants
This is my favorite picture of Hillary Clinton taking the subway through the Bronx pic.twitter.com/a1vjNWg63F
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🍀 Sláinte in #33 🍀 “Alea iacta est” @Sangria1992
Kate McKinnon is a legend as Hillary Clinton. #SNL and politics are a match made in comedy heaven. Subway sketch. 😂 pic.twitter.com/rXy89OVnL5
Andrea Rae @wheatpasted
In an attempt to sway younger voters, Hillary heads back to the NYC subway sans pants. 🚫👖 #nopants2016 #illustration pic.twitter.com/a4PPo6qpjN
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Pembicaraan berkembang, mengritik penggunaan subway untuk kampanye politik. Sejumlah pihak mengangkat isu bahwa fasilitas publik subway tidak boleh dipakai untuk kepentingan lain selain transportasi. "According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Rules of Conduct, the subway system is for transporting riders to their destinations, and nothing else. But the rules list several exceptions, including “campaigning”. So far, so good, Hillary Clinton."

URL the Guardian Hillary Clinton broke the rules on the NYC subway. That's not fair | Ali Gharib Campaigning, just like performing, is not allowed in subway cars. As long as musicians are slapped with fines, Clinton should be too
Cindy Leinwand @CindyLeinwand12
Hillary says shocked Sec Service let her ride subway & walk Sts of Bronx Though betting her exp was a bit different pic.twitter.com/h7g2t5vV6N
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⚔Hell on Wheels🔴⚪🔵 @PattonDivision
Hillary Clinton's out of touch. She didn't even know how to swipe the subway card. #NewYork washingtonexaminer.com/yet-more-evide… pic.twitter.com/DkeL6rer96
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Lawan Hillary dalam pemilihan presiden, Donald Trump berkomentar "itu sangat menyedihkan". Trump: “When you think, is it not just horrible? I just, I can’t even conceive of the whole thing,”

URL BuzzFeed Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton's Subway Ride: "Sad!" "Well, just seeing her do that, just for a picture, just for a photo op is uh, sad, actually."

And the mockery continued....

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