Kisah Perempuan Cantik yang Gagal Login ke Facebok karena Bernama Isis


Seorang wanita bernama Isis Anchalee mengaku tidak bisa masuk ke Facebook karena namanya. Ia mengatakan Facebook berpikir ia seorang teroris, meski sudah menyertakan foto identitasnya

Isis Anchalee @isisAnchalee

Facebook thinks I'm a terrorist. Apparently sending them a screenshot of my passport is not good enough for them to reopen my account.

18/11/2015 03:42:36 WIB

Setelah ia menceritakan kisahnya ini, ada orang-orang yang bertanya-tanya bagaimana bisa orangtuanya menamakan ia Isis

Medium @Medium

“‘How come your folks named you ISIS? Does it like embarass you?’” by @isisAnchalee…

11/12/2015 04:11:01 WIB
Isis Anchalee @isisAnchalee

Love getting random tweets from people insulting my mom...

28/12/2015 04:34:58 WIB
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Isis Anchalee @isisAnchalee

If you have a problem with my name, literally unfollow my and stop watching my content. This name is not changing.

18/12/2015 00:12:46 WIB
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Usul netizen lain :

deronaucoin @deronaucoin

@isisAnchalee someone else on my feed had the same trouble. i think they eventually gave up. i'll see if i can find them.

18/11/2015 03:43:21 WIB
Amber Foster @amberfostersat1

@isisAnchalee @eshaLegal They're a bunch of stupid ppl. Isis was a woman's name before it was a terror group!

18/11/2015 04:09:23 WIB
Website Maker @PieceDigital

@isisAnchalee Docyou have a middle name? You should use it instead. If not, get one.

18/11/2015 03:45:53 WIB
Inna Nutshell @Inna_Nutshell

@PieceDigital @isisAnchalee Wtf would she use anything but her name? It is beautiful. ~Never adapt to cray cray crap~.

18/11/2015 04:08:54 WIB

Ternyata bukan cuma dia yang bernasib demikian. Ada orang-orang yang bernama Isis juga mengalami hal yang sama

URL Facebook forces teen named Isis to change her username A high-school student from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., is fed up with harassment she's received about her birth name, which appears to have hit a new low when she got barred from using it on Facebook. 25
URL reddit People named Isis: How's life going for you these days? • /r/AskReddit 4493 points and 3472 comments so far on reddit 109
Sarah Frier @sarahfrier

.@isisAnchalee You're probably not alone. From the U.S. Social Security baby name database…:

18/11/2015 04:04:04 WIB
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Isis Crosby @Icecrosby

I like my name and am proud of it. My name is ISIS and I share it with others in this world. We are not terrorists so stop using it!!!!!

21/12/2015 07:17:30 WIB
Slim Amamou @slim404

@isisAnchalee It's a shame you have prove your name. I was banned in 2008 because my name is Slim

18/11/2015 05:40:03 WIB

Tapi menurut beberapa netizen, lebih baik ia tidak usah punya akun Facebook karena pengaruh negatif

Kim Baba @KimBabaroony

@isisAnchalee @davrosz Facebook is terrorising all of us. Time to leave it in the dust. #FacebookSux

18/11/2015 15:20:50 WIB
Malcolm Sheridan @malcolmsheridan

@isisAnchalee Facebook suck anyway. You're better off without an account.

18/11/2015 04:14:41 WIB
Bantrim Smoot @gilfer

.@isisAnchalee Meanwhile, Facebook has allowed me to change my name…

18/11/2015 04:27:36 WIB
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Diluar namanya, Isis Anchalee termasuk terkenal di bidangnya dan dianggap berpotensi :

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