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[Foto & Video] Ekuador Lumpuh, Gempa Bumi 7,8 Skala Richter Telan Ribuan Korban

Mari bantu, setidaknya dengan bersimpatik secara moral. Setelah Jepang kini Ekuador, haruskah Indonesia bersiap?

Update Terkini

Hingga malam ini (18/4), sedikitnya 350 orang dinyatakan sebagai korban tewas gempa bumi berkekuatan 7,8 skala richter yang mengguncang Ekuador kemarin (17/4).

Ribuan orang lainnya dinyatakan sebagai korban luka.

Pope Francis @Pontifex

We pray for the earthquake victims in Ecuador and Japan. May God and all our brothers and sisters give them help and support.

18/04/2016 19:00:35 WIB
AFP news agency @AFP

Ecuador raises earthquake death toll to about 350, updating earlier count of 272

18/04/2016 21:41:14 WIB
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AJ+ @ajplus

Ecuador president says finding survivors following devastating earthquake is top priority. What we know so far:

18/04/2016 17:23:06 WIB
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Rentetan kejadian berdasarkan kronologi

Video kejadian menjelaskan betapa mengerikannya gempa tersebut.

BBC News (World) @BBCWorld

The moment the Ecuador earthquake struck. At least 77 people were killed and 500 injured.

17/04/2016 14:50:51 WIB
URL Twitter BBC News (World) on Twitter “The moment the Ecuador earthquake struck. At least 77 people were killed and 500 injured.”

Death toll in Ecuador earthquake rises to 246, with 2,500+ injured, the country’s VP says.

18/04/2016 05:32:37 WIB
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Nifty Ideas @NiftyIdeas

At least 28 killed in powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Prayers go out to all the people in Ecuador 🙏🇪🇨

18/04/2016 07:11:56 WIB
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People @PeopIe

Pray for Ecuador. The earthquake yesterday has deviated the country with over 200 confirmed dead 😢🙏🏽

18/04/2016 08:59:02 WIB
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URL BBC News Ecuador earthquake: Deaths rise to 272 - BBC News At least 272 people are confirmed dead after Saturday's powerful earthquake in Ecuador, as thousands of troops are sent to affected areas.

Ecuador president says earthquake death toll now stands at 272, could rise "considerably."

18/04/2016 10:44:09 WIB
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URL ABC News Death Toll in Ecuador Rises to 272 After Earthquake Thousands of armed forces personnel were dispatched to affected areas.
RT @RT_com

UPDATE: Ecuador earthquake death toll reaches 272 – President Rafael Correa

18/04/2016 11:06:57 WIB
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New York Times World @nytimesworld

The strongest earthquake to strike Ecuador in decades left at least 272 people dead

18/04/2016 17:18:03 WIB
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New Day @NewDay

The death toll continues to rise after powerful earthquake in #Ecuador: @Boris_Sanchez

18/04/2016 18:10:32 WIB

Ecuador earthquake: Aid pours in as rescuers rush to find more victims

18/04/2016 20:12:26 WIB
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The Associated Press @AP

Ecuadoran security minister says earthquake death count has risen to 350:

18/04/2016 20:24:06 WIB

Video shows the extensive damage caused by powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador:…

18/04/2016 20:52:29 WIB
CBS News @CBSNews

Hundreds killed when powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Ecuador

18/04/2016 21:33:38 WIB
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