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After-Christmas snow storm hits Capital District

Tweets surrounding the snowstorm that struck New York's Capital District between Dec. 26 and 27.
Lushawn Murphy @LushawnMurphy

@wxchannel Crossing my fingers the snow stays away from me...aka albany ny, i'm not ready for a blizzard just yet

26/12/2010 04:05:55 WIB
Julie Kim @julie114

Sitting in the kitchen watching the snow fall in Albany, NY. 8-10 inches expected tonight.

26/12/2010 21:59:09 WIB
The World We Knew @TheWorldWeKnew

ALBANY, NY tomorrow at Bogies w/ Freya. Lets hope the snow doesn't ruin a good time.

26/12/2010 10:21:30 WIB
Brittany Lyte @blyte

Trekking from Albany, NY to Westport, CT with @MagEGordon in the first snow storm of the season. Wish us luck. Will tweet our adventures.

27/12/2010 00:28:12 WIB
🌊🌊#BlueWave2020🌊🌊 @Linda_Underwood

Son had to flee Albany NY area to #Brooklyn early this morning to outrun the snow. Waiting to hear if he got home OK.

27/12/2010 01:06:25 WIB

snow arrives in Albany,NY nothing here yet in #AmsterdamNY maybe within the hour #snowpocalypse #eastsnow good for photo ops

27/12/2010 04:36:57 WIB

Playing Albany NY today at Bogies w/ Freya. Apparently snow hasn't hit there yet. Psyched!

27/12/2010 01:13:23 WIB
Carol Rymanowski @catgrammy2

Snow is beginning to fall in the Albany NY area.

27/12/2010 07:07:56 WIB
Rod Jones @MaxForceBody

@kylejnorton @firstservemedia I'll second the same - no snow in Albany NY and 6 inches in Raleigh!!

27/12/2010 08:00:49 WIB
Random Thoughts with @RandomExcess

@treacadelic @Pinkelstien We don't normally get buried in snow here in Albany, but when I lived in Rochester, NY.. oh man, buried for 4 mos

27/12/2010 10:03:10 WIB
Vange Leonel @vleonel

RT @michmcca: Snow! Yeah! Better than fireworks! // wow, Mich, r u in NY or Albany?

27/12/2010 10:21:36 WIB
Vacation Cruise @tours_travel

Coastal storm disrupts travel in eastern NY: AP ALBANY, NY — More than a foot of snow has fallen in parts of New York's Hudson Valley...

27/12/2010 19:56:32 WIB

RT @Albany_Weather: AY: Snow Freezing Fog and 15 F at Albany International Airport, NY Winds are from the North at 11.5 gusting to 18.4 MPH

27/12/2010 10:48:06 WIB
Allei Carmon @Allei528

@TrueKofi Be thankful your not heading for Albany, NY Kofi. You'd be heading into some serious snow !

27/12/2010 11:52:55 WIB
Maryse Mizanin @MaryseMizanin

Trying to make it to Albany, NY. ??? The road s INSANE. Saw over 20 accidents, we got stuck in snow few times! Unbeleivable.

27/12/2010 13:16:39 WIB
A Poetess @TYMENUS

Getting pummeled with snow in upstate NY ! For God sakes this is Albany not Buffalo, STOP already!

27/12/2010 13:29:44 WIB
B. McGrady - Upstate NY Weather @upstatenywxman

Albany, NY Tweetcast, Today- AM Snow/Windy 21F/10F Tomorrow- Mostly Sunny 26F/20F #518wx #nywx #xmnr #snOMG #blizzard

27/12/2010 18:45:18 WIB
Louis Suarato @LouisS

About a foot of snow and still falling in Albany, NY #SnowWatch

27/12/2010 19:35:26 WIB
Brian Britton @brian0678

Snow, Snow, Snow, Wind, and more Snow near #Albany ,NY

27/12/2010 20:30:16 WIB

3 hrs south from Albany ny. snow plowing seems at least 30 hrs late.

27/12/2010 23:00:31 WIB

@Chrismanzo This is snow - and yes that's the tip of my car in the corner of my picture near Albany, NY

28/12/2010 01:39:53 WIB
Vernell @VernellMitchell

Y did I come home to Albany, NY to end up n a snow emergency! This is some BS! Ill take Cali drizzle over this every time!

28/12/2010 01:50:20 WIB - Snow draft on our patio this morning

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