Tweets from the American Music Therapy Association National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
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Rachel See @RachelSeeMTBC
Thank you, @BenFolds for putting up a picture from the @AMTAInc on your FB wall!! :) #AMTA11 http://t.co/IMhAZiOc
Gabby Banzon @gabtothezilla
attempting to type up my mess of notes from #amta11 ...i dunno if this is gonna work.
Kate Potrykus @katepotrykus
OR @TheEllenShow could have @BenFolds talk about what he learned at conference! #amta11 @4EverCLYoung i think we're onto something #genius
Jonathan Wilcoxen @JMWilcoxen
#AMTA11 Thoughts: Even a 70+ year old will want to play music like a child. Let them, it brings out their creativity and opens up new doors.
Kyle Fleming, MT-BC @kf_music
Definitely have an #amta11 hangover right now. There is zero motivation in my system.
Ally☀️ @musicallyAlly
Check! One task done from @katfulton's tips for online zenn at #AMTA11. Now to clean out my inbox...
Helena W @5NeedsMT
It was such an awesome experience attending #AMTA11! To all those I met in person, it was a pleasure and to everyone else, see you next year
Lillieth Grand @LilliethGrand
Definitely have that after conference glow #AMTA11. Also am stuffed up -- perhaps it's turkey sympathy.
Kat Fulton @katfulton
Seeing my clients with refreshed perspective today! #AMTA11 Love it. #MusicTherapy
Right after #AMTA11, who's excited about #WRAMTA12??? It's comin up soon in Salt Lake City! #MusicTherapy
What's up, internet research center? @Life_rewritten
Priorities: First #amta11 recap (yes there will be many) then documentation, then call for papers. Clients again at 2. AHH
Jonathan Wilcoxen @JMWilcoxen
getting ready for my practicum session. I love how #amta11 gave me so many ideas and confidence in myself as a student!
Kat Fulton @katfulton
@joyfulnoisemt LOVE your new profile pic of the you and the uke!!! Looking forward to your conference recap post, too =) #AMTA11
Dr. Kimberly Sena Moore @KimberlySMoore
@Rnrgrltx @KeyChangesMT And extending the #AMTA11 hashtag a little longer.... ;) (Boo abt the laptop charger :/)
Stephanie Shehan @joyfulnoisemt
Dying to post a #AMTA11 conference recap, but I'm traveling this holiday week. Will definitely get something out next week!!
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