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Strikes and Social Work

Some points I made during the strike/scab debate earlier. A rebuttal of the idea that people working with vulnerable people 'can't' strike and thus shouldn't be called scabs (they can and they should).
Litany Against Plague @LosTheSkald

@fullanarchy @Pere_Duchesne Genuinely interested, what's the response to that - I've not managed to come up with one myself.

18/11/2011 19:54:56 WIB

I have really vulnerable clients, partly because of where they are in a class society. I withhold my labour as much for them as myself.

18/11/2011 19:56:02 WIB

Solidarity and working class collective action is about all of us. Failure to understand that basically makes your points moot.

18/11/2011 19:57:02 WIB

Worth also saying most clients would rather have an appointment delayed by strike than never have one, which is the end result of cuts.

18/11/2011 20:04:59 WIB
hayrr x @hayrr

@fullanarchy some of our patients probably won't be alive at their rescheduled appointment times. i haven't had one disagree with the strike

18/11/2011 19:58:26 WIB

@LosTheSkald I think of it like this (particularly about one day strikes) - no-one covers me if I have a day off sick.

18/11/2011 20:08:07 WIB

@LosTheSkald I don't provide an emergency service, and as @Pere_Duchesne says, life and limb are exempt.

18/11/2011 20:08:58 WIB
Litany Against Plague @LosTheSkald

@fullanarchy Thanks for that. Still find it hard to square emotionally vs. intellectually, but point about end result of cuts helps >>

18/11/2011 20:06:42 WIB
Litany Against Plague @LosTheSkald

@fullanarchy and puts the whole thing into a broader perspective, which is important to remember.

18/11/2011 20:07:13 WIB
Litany Against Plague @LosTheSkald

@fullanarchy Also aware that I don't have the right to presuppose what clients might feel, since I'm not in that position.

18/11/2011 20:07:57 WIB

@LosTheSkald funny that 'we're not an emergency service' is reiterated constantly in SW until STRIKE DAY COMETH

18/11/2011 20:13:22 WIB

During longer actions I would expect to deal with The Guilt re vulnerability on a community level - not for benefit of employers.

18/11/2011 20:15:55 WIB

SO social centres, collective action alongside clients (they have a massive interest in this too!) etc

18/11/2011 20:16:53 WIB

BIG MISTAKE to assume 'vulnerable' means 'apolitical' - rise of service user movement, DPAC etc. Plus lots of clients not vulnerable (1/2)

18/11/2011 20:19:37 WIB

(2/2) their whole lives - have had clients with strong union backgrounds who would probably spit on me for scabbing!

18/11/2011 20:21:05 WIB
Litany Against Plague @LosTheSkald

@fullanarchy User movement is inspirational. UPIAS was (is?) awesome. Also loved the 80s MH squats keeping people off sections. Awesome.

18/11/2011 20:26:37 WIB


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