Ular Python sepanjang 8 meter dengan berat 250 kilogram ditemukan di Malaysia, terpanjang di dunia!

Ditemukan di lokasi pengerjaan konstruksi

The Guardian @guardian
World's longest snake, a python estimated at 8m long, caught in Malaysia trib.al/p2NhxZn
The Rakyat Post @therakyatpost
Penang python could enter Guinness Book of World Records as longest snake ever caught bit.ly/1VhDYH5 pic.twitter.com/4FDidbDdIn
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Sky News @SkyNews
A python found on a construction site in Malaysia could be the longest snake ever caught trib.al/jepeoKY pic.twitter.com/rWIaXDGHcb
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The Independent @Independent
Python caught in Malaysia could be the largest ever recorded ind.pn/22ob2wn
AustynZOGS @Austynzogs
@Gidi_Traffic A Python,8m in length and weighs about 250kg caught in Malaysia could be the longest ever recorded pic.twitter.com/GQBTZe0eiY
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