iGEM Stockholm @igemstockholm
Last day in London! Back to Sweden to continue working on the project! Cheers! #iGEM2016 #SBBUK16 #london
Justin Siegel @siegel_justin
@SynBioBeta @synlogic_tx exciting to see such a great advance towards rationally engineering the microbiome for human health!
Eric van der Helm @EricvdHelm
Summary of the @SynBioBeta conference #SBBUK16 on #synbio, start-ups, industry and VCs up on my blog: dnacoil.com/talk/synbiobet…
Skillfluence @skillfluence
Have booked a recovery week in a sensory deprivation tank after another fabulous & amazing #SBBUK16 thanks @SynBioBeta @SynbiCITE #ideas
SynthSys @SynthSysEd
Another great conference @SynBioBeta @johncumbers Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh July 7. Watch this space!
Jasmina Aganovic @JasminaAganovic
Surreal: @Mother_Dirt in someone else's slides. Thx @orkan for the shoutout. We should chat :) @biorealize #SBBUK16 pic.twitter.com/mHnFM5p4dM
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Hugo Teixeira @hugotx
#SBBUK16 thanks @johncumbers and all the mates from the SBB crew. We did a hell of a job! pic.twitter.com/9w0jHI5TAg
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karl schmieder @karlschmieder
Interview: John Cumbers of SynBioBeta | Passionate Entrepreneurs Using Biology to Improve… karlschmieder.com/2016/04/08/int… pic.twitter.com/3jMVxqtFWs
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chirpstory_pr @chirpstory_pr
@BioSquat: Aftermath & all Live-Tweeeting at SynBioBeta London 2016 .. tembus 100 view. chirpstory.com/li/310794. Share ke teman yuk.
Caitlin Burns @Caitlin_A_Burns
Had a great time at @SynBioBeta London 2016, fascinating companies developing in synthetic biology :)
neuro.social.self @neurosocialself
UK: First Commercial Synthetic Biology Foundry Goes Into Production: bit.ly/1qqHy5x via @SynBioBeta pic.twitter.com/JoahzJVCbc
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Nooman Haque @NoomanHaque
Breakfast at Parliament for #SynBioBeta great to see investment activity increasing pic.twitter.com/LcShV3enuU
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Jon Rees @BiotechJon
@johncumbers Congratulations to you & your team on delivering an excellent @SynBioBeta here in London, it was extremely valuable
Gary Bantle @gbantle
Just finished a Great Investor breakfast at House of Lords @SynBioBeta pic.twitter.com/ZsC4ApRTbu
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iGEM Stockholm @igemstockholm
#SBBUK16 was perfect! We've learned so much and got in contact with amazing people and other iGEM-teams 🎉#iGEM2016 pic.twitter.com/4IDfWW0I6a
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