April 5th Reading stamina - terminology, books, & how to help

Reading stamina, how authors and schools can help
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The Catchpole Agency @peachjamcloset
@ERMurray Great! Hope don't find I've been appearing to reply to wrong tweets all over the place! #MGiechat #invisibletweets @Alibrarylady
LibraryGirl&BookBoy (Jo) @BookSuperhero2
I'm signing off now. Thanks for organising a great chat @ERMurray 😀 #mgiechat
Ben Cooper @cooperben10
Excellent work @ERMurray - great #mgiechat, nice to tweet with some new people...
Anne Thompson @Alibrarylady
@Nigellicus that's a good point. #mgiechat. If you compare CS Lewis with Pullman though think they are prob longer now.
Melissa Jordan @melissacreate15
@Nigellicus @uisgebeatha @ERMurray Also there are loads of great historical fiction stories. Some great to read together too. #MGiechat
Olivia still has hope @OliviaMHope
Hey @ERMurray, thanks doll. It was brilliant, obvs. You should have a badge now, if not an official #MGieChat hat. Muchos of the gracias x
Niggle By Leaf ⧖ @Nigellicus
@Alibrarylady @melissacreate15 @sarahwebbishere Wonder how they'd compare in wordcount? Print's gotten bigger, generally.#MGiechat
Acorn books @Acornbooks
Thanks @ERMurray phew I think I just managed to keep up, was my first chat!! Great talking to you all #MGiechat
Niggle By Leaf ⧖ @Nigellicus
@OisinMcGann @bookishlifeblog @ERMurray Give that fighty guy, whatsisname a book and throw him in a ring, they'll all be doing it #mgiechat
LibraryGirl&BookBoy (Jo) @BookSuperhero2
@ERMurray @HollisCaroll 🤗 Kids and parents enjoyed it. I got to show them some new author ideas too #mgiechat
Gee Cassels @GATaylor3
Are you lot in a time warp? No notifications, then BAM ... 20 all at once. #MGieChat
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