Recapping day-long Social Savvy Conference in Limerick, Ireland on April 1, 2016.

An immersive event where people better than the best social media consultants shared ways to develop and track organic content.
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Bernie Goldbach @topgold
Telling colleagues #SocialSavvy16 was a day-long immersion where real practitioners shared clever content production tips. #wisdomofcrowd
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
@successipes @NexusNL Hoping #SocialSavvy16 spawns more workshops and hallway networking. And that some of the workshops have no chairs.
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
@val868594 Meeting my first real Barney at #SocialSavvy16 has helped me remove the association between the name and a dinosaur.
Bernie Goldbach @topgold
@CollinsChris67 We should follow up our #SocialSavvy16 conversation during one of @patcarrollTouch's fireside chats in Limerick.
Valerie Leahy @val868594
Guys, will this footage be archived/on your site to (re) view? @SocialSavvyIRL #socialsavvy16
Cara McDermott @caramcdermott
Tied in with hearing one of their SM guys talk today at #SocialSavvy16 All adds up. Good crew.…
Cara McDermott @caramcdermott
So lovely to bump into you today at #SocialSavvy16 @karentsmyth The Marketing from @nuigalway has stood to us! Regards to @WiseMona :)
Valerie Leahy @val868594
Told the #SocialSavvy16 audience about how generous you have been to me on Twitter @MarianKeyes & supportive of my #GetTheEdge project Thx x
Jess @bettyoctopus
@BarneyBrownCAM great talk today at #SocialSavvy16. Any chance your Labyrinth movie is online...?
Pádraig Ó Beaglaoich @padraigmob
Well done to all concerned with @SocialSavvyIRL today. Followed online & gained a lot of insights. Maith sibh comhghairdeas! #SocialSavvy16
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