[Spesial] Gmail Punya Fitur "Mic Drop", Prank April Mop dari Google Tahun Ini


Setiap tahun google selalu ikut memeriahkan April Mop dengan fitur fitur unik di platformnya

Story Wah! Ada 3 Kejutan Seru April Mop dari Google wah keren banget nih 1679 pv 2 1

Tahun ini google memeriahkan April Mop dengan fitur "mic drop" di gmail :))

Ario Adimas @arioadimas

"Gmail Mic Drop" :)))) april mop google tahun ini kurang keren, tapi bodor... :D

01/04/2016 16:22:32 WIB

Fitur "Mic Drop" di gmail ini semacam jebakan buat orang orang yang sedang mengirim email

Andy Baio @waxpancake

Confirmed: Gmail killed Mic Drop, less than 30 minutes into April 1 on the West Coast. You're welcome, Internet. pic.twitter.com/ijDtGI197Q

01/04/2016 14:28:31 WIB
Jake Emen @ManTalkFood

Google starting early with their annual #AprilFools prank. In #Gmail, you can now mic drop when you send emails. pic.twitter.com/OpfXyLqCQG

01/04/2016 08:19:10 WIB
Cheryl Harrison @CherylHarrison

I'm guessing this "Send and drop mic" button is Gmail's April Fool's Joke, but I kinda hope it sticks around. pic.twitter.com/xIIuuwhxdq

01/04/2016 07:55:30 WIB
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Rey Junco @reyjunco

Gmail's new "mic drop" feature. Can I use this for every single email? pic.twitter.com/iUJKS2DsZA

01/04/2016 08:54:04 WIB
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tombol mic drop sent ini bakal ngirim email kamu dengan tambahan gambar animasi .gif minion menjatuhkan mic di akhir email kamu :))

Adam Fairholm @adamfairholm

WTF is this “Send and Drop The Mic” option that just showed up in gmail? Is this their April fools thing? pic.twitter.com/lcIEX2R7Sn

01/04/2016 09:23:58 WIB
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Valerie Webster @valeriewebster_


01/04/2016 08:03:30 WIB
Travis Lupick @tlupick

Gmail Mic Drop. The email function I never knew I needed and now the only response I'll ever send. pic.twitter.com/yqGTqSwvE5

01/04/2016 11:05:04 WIB
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Justine Crawford @justinecrawfish

.@gmail just added some "mic drop" feature that sends a Minions GIF. I accidentally sent it in an official email... pic.twitter.com/nVXQW0xsTk

01/04/2016 14:04:47 WIB
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Jebakan April Mop ini banyak direspon netizen karena terjebak mengirim email kerjaan dengan animasi gif tersebut dibelakangnya

Andrew Trask @iamtrask

gmail's mic drop... i'm so proud of whatever product manager got that approved by his boss.... whoever you are... thank you.. you're my hero

01/04/2016 09:17:41 WIB
Billy B @irresistibilly

Hey @gmail, I think you guys just ruined my chances at getting a job with your mic drop "prank." My fat fingers hit the button.

01/04/2016 09:21:54 WIB
Elon DUSK @DaveOshry

Oh god GMAIL put their April Fools Minion Mic Drop button right next to your actual SEND EMAIL BUTTON. THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL

01/04/2016 11:36:10 WIB
Arthur Chu @arthur_affect

I think what ppl aren't getting is the mic drop prank is harmless to all us tweeps who know its a joke but the Gmail world is way bigger

01/04/2016 12:17:00 WIB

Kabarnya banyak orang yang protes hingga akhirnya google menarik kembali fitur gmail mic drop ini :))

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