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[Foto] Leonardo Dicaprio Ikut Petisi Bantu Leuser Aceh Ditujukan ke @jokowi


Wow, Leonardo Dicaprio berkunjung ke Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser, Aceh

Adib Hidayat @AdibHidayat

Leonardo DiCaprio berkunjung ke Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser, Aceh, 27 Maret 2016?…

28/03/2016 22:19:49 WIB
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Kerennya lagi, dia ikut membantu petisi selamatkan Gunung Leuser Aceh yang ditujukan ke Jokowi

Dewi Probowo @dewi_probowo Pakai Kaos Orangutan, Leonardo DiCaprio Desak Jokowi Soal Leuser

30/03/2016 15:24:44 WIB
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Petisi tersebut dibuat oleh Dahlan M. Isa dan sudah ditandatangani lebih dari 35 ribu orang

URL @jokowi @Tjahjo_Kumolo @Kemendagri_RI, Revise the Qanun Aceh No.19/2013 in order to Save Leuser and Aceh! Mr Jokowi, I am certain that you have heard that recently, the district of North Aceh has been frequently struck by flood and landslides. The local government is still trying to handle the situation and to prevent the flood from happening again. Then, whi

Fans memuji-muji dan bahkan mengikuti aksi Leonardo ini :

Laia @Laia_87

@LeoDiCaprio You're admirable. Thanks for what you're doing to save the environment.

30/03/2016 00:08:46 WIB
deniska @muchaeljackson

@LeoDiCaprio thank you for you caring about our planet. Together we can save it #SaveLeuserEcosystem

29/03/2016 23:51:49 WIB
Rangil !! @I_am_Rangil

@LeoDiCaprio you are Truly a Legend Sir.. You have put your MegaStardom to right Use..

29/03/2016 23:33:43 WIB

Keren banget ya. Semoga petisinya berhasil


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