Da #HipHopEd Rewind: A 20year perspective on the impact of Ill NaNa & Hardcore

#HipHopEd's weekly chat on 3-22-16 was "#HipHopEd: A 20year perspective on the impact of Ill NaNa & Hardcore" It was featuring special guest moderators @MissJennifer215 @AHarmonyMusic & @Sanashilha Visit www.HipHopEd.com for more information & Build with us weekly on Twitter from 9-10 PM EST on Tuesdays
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Arash Daneshzadeh @A_Daneshzadeh 23/03/2016 08:01:44 WIB
#HipHopEd allows for unsanctioned space divested from a prison of high-stakes regulations & grades. Bc a cipher operates w/out prescription.
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 23/03/2016 08:01:51 WIB
Tonight we will be discussing the impact of Lil Kim & Foxy Brown's 1996 releases #HipHopEd #WHM2016
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:03:12 WIB
"Hard Core" & "Ill Na Na" dropped one week apart in November ’96. Both were hugely successful-- went platinum, #1 singles, etc. #HipHopEd
A. Harmony @AHarmonyMusic 23/03/2016 08:03:46 WIB
Tonight we're discussing Foxy Brown's "Ill Na Na", Lil' Kim's "Hardcore" and their impact on women and the culture 20 years later. #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 23/03/2016 08:04:38 WIB
If you tweet please include the hash tag #HipHopEd for our TL. Thank you
Sanashihla @Sanashihla 23/03/2016 08:05:17 WIB
Totally excited to discuss the impact of the debut albums of Lil Kim & Foxy Brown tonight. 20 years later! Let's go! #HipHopEd
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:05:52 WIB
20 yr ago Kim & Foxy redefined the industry, turning an industry defined by cash, fashion & its sexualization of women on its head #HipHopEd
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:07:15 WIB
I think it's easy & low-hanging fruit to only talk sex when it come to Foxy & Kim. But they were/are business women. Trailblazers #HipHopEd
Amil Cook @amilcook 23/03/2016 08:07:36 WIB
I remember the buzz around Kim & Foxy & their albums, interesting how their lyricism was marginalized by male "ghostwriters" #HipHopEd
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:08:35 WIB
They've only become *more* classic over the 20 yrs. Beyond the lyrics-- they created a culture of its own #HipHopEd twitter.com/tdj6899/status…
Amil Cook @amilcook 23/03/2016 08:09:19 WIB
Folks tried to say Jay & Nas wrote many a bar for Fox &BIG for Kim devalued their major contributions & impact on HH #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 23/03/2016 08:09:29 WIB
There was a part of me that was excited because they both are from Brooklyn, my home town and was reppin it HARD #HipHopEd
A. Harmony @AHarmonyMusic 23/03/2016 08:09:32 WIB
Listening to these albums 20 years later, I can appreciate how they carved a space for a "female perspective" in hip hop. #HipHopEd
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:09:44 WIB
You can argue Kim & Foxy were the first commercially successful women in the rap game. #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 23/03/2016 08:10:51 WIB
We invite everyone who may be following the hash tag #HipHopEd to please share your thoughts. Our chat is a cyber cypher
A. Harmony @AHarmonyMusic 23/03/2016 08:10:51 WIB
However, with both albums had a heavy male influence, via features and writing. (The Firm/Hov with Fox, Junior Mafia/Big w/ Kim. #HipHopEd
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:10:51 WIB
Kim & Foxy, like many before & after them, have continuously had their identities tied to an all male-crew. #HipHopEd
A. Harmony @AHarmonyMusic 23/03/2016 08:11:31 WIB
My question then: how "authentic" were these albums in terms of capturing a woman's perspective? #HipHopEd
Jenn. ☔️ @MissJennifer215 23/03/2016 08:11:54 WIB
The Firm, Junior Mafia, Ruff Rydas, Cash Money/Young Money. #HipHopEd
Sanashihla @Sanashihla 23/03/2016 08:12:16 WIB
My opinion of debut albums of Lil' Kim (Hard Core) & Foxy Brown (Ill Na Na) have evolved over the yrs, & I am sure still will. #HipHopEd
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