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9 success keys at new office

Ok, after all the selection process, hard interview so you get your dream job. The question now how to be adapated with new envirnment so yo can contribute to new organization?
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

1. Get adapted with new environment fast, orientation only short time, if you fall in, you can't go back to the passed time #HRTips

01/11/2012 14:43:16 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

2. Follow the new system & corporate culture, open your eyes & ears widely to observe your new "world" #HRTips #newoffice

01/11/2012 14:44:42 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

3. Read record of previous incumbent's job, be initiative, ask if you don't know so you can do your job well #HRTips #newoffice

01/11/2012 14:46:03 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

4. Be Independent, don't always ask direction from your supervisor, make friend profesionally with your colleagues/ peers #HRTips #newoffice

01/11/2012 14:47:10 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

5. Learn the "language" at your new office or how the communicate with other so you can mingle easily #HRTips #newoffice

01/11/2012 14:48:40 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

6. a. Learn your new supervisor personality, no need to be 'yes man' but you should get his/ her heart, know his strength/ weakness #HRTips

01/11/2012 14:50:37 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

6b. You should learn what your supervisor expect from you, support him/ her. #HRTips #newoffice

01/11/2012 14:52:10 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

7.Maintain a friendly atmosphere.As a new kid on the block,you should open your self, don't be a loner.Stay far from office politic #HRTips

01/11/2012 14:55:19 WIB
DuniaKerja @KonsultasiHRD

9. Make a contribution ASAP, be innovative, be a high achiever, don't wait too long to start your performance #HRTips #newoffice

01/11/2012 14:56:59 WIB


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