Wkwkwk! Toilet Sign Di Indonesia Ternyata Unik-Unik Lho!

Waduh sampe masuk 9gag :))

Buat yg sering kebelet ke kamar mandi, kadang perhatiin nggak sih sign toilet di Indonesia. Ternyata, kreatif juga nih yg pada bikin penunjuk arah buat ke toilet. Bahkan sampe masuk guyonan di 9gag lho! :))

9GAG Tweets @9GAGTweets

Toilet sign at one of Shopping Mall in my country (Indonesia), nailed it boys! pic.twitter.com/Au4rVDaP0G

07/02/2016 09:54:19 WIB
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Maryanne Garner @hayleywrites

Toilet sign at one of biggest mall in my country (indonesia), men and ghost? pic.twitter.com/rZjPFepjmk

19/03/2016 16:36:00 WIB
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fletcher moss @fletchermoss7

Ace toilet sign from me son who is in Indonesia. I think I've tried most of them pic.twitter.com/j2P99lCxhP

12/02/2014 23:21:55 WIB
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Rolly Anwari @rawrolly

That happens in Indonesia. RT @CTWolstenholme: Has anyone ever seen a stranger sign on a toilet door. pic.twitter.com/GYXesYQl

06/07/2012 19:18:08 WIB
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George Roberts @George_Roberts

This is, with out doubt, the funniest/weirdest toilet sign I've ever seen. #indonesia pic.twitter.com/1kIoD5uMZ1

22/08/2014 14:26:04 WIB
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Kim Mercer @arrogantandrogy

Toilet sign in Indonesia : "if you don't pay, pick your own shit - eat that shit you cheap ass" pic.twitter.com/Ab3wAVg5R5

29/02/2016 19:09:10 WIB
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