#F1 #AusGP [GP Australia] RED FLAG! Alonso Tabrak Gutierrez, Balapan Harus Ditunda!

Tabrakan parah, beruntung semua selamat
Others haryanto balapan FLAG ausgp gutierrez RED F-1 CRASH alonso
Alonso mengalami kecelakaan parah setelah menabrak ban belakang Gutierrez, bendera merah berkibar!

beruntung tidak ada korban jiwa

Formula 1 @F1
RED FLAG: Crash at turn 3, Alonso clipping Gutierrez, with the McLaren flipping & hitting the barrier #AusGP pic.twitter.com/N9WsKOqEDm
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F1 Grid @F1grid
Red Flag: Alonso has massive crash after contact with Gutierrez pic.twitter.com/tPmKEtnpID #F1
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Kecelakaan terjadi di Lap 18

menyisakan 40 lap

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing @redbullracing
­čö┤ Race stopped on lap 18. Red flag comes out after Alonso and Gutierrez incident - back to the pits. #AusGP pic.twitter.com/Q8Ps55QjLH
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F1 Technical @f1technical
Oh very violent crash for Fernando Alonso in Australia. He's unhurt, but the car is completely completely destroyed! #F1
F1 Grid @F1grid
RED FLAG: Race has been stopped after massive crash by Alonso #F1
Red flag, race has been suspended. LIVE es.pn/1WuGabT #F1
Rappler IDN Times @rappleridntimes
Red flag! Balapan dihentikan untuk sementara!! Alonso menabrak ban belakang Gutierrez goo.gl/sXN4EQ #AusGP #F1IsBack
Tom Hovard @THovardF1
RED FLAG. Crazy amount of debris on track. Massive credit to FIA and engineers, both drivers walking away unharmed. #AusGP #F1
BWT Racing Point F1 Team @RacingPointF1
Red flag! The race is interrupted with 40 laps to go. Nico in P11 and Checo in P13 after their stops. #AusGP
Matthew Gil @MGilCreative
Sheesh, Alonsos car just got annihilated. Big crash at #AusGP almost like Ves and Gro at Monaco last year. Red flag.
Day 1 Wiz Fan @tylerbox12
Alonzo's car looks like what happened to Martin Brundell back in 2000 or so. Red Flag is out. #australiagrandprix
B. Ale @uncannyale
Alonso wrecks into Gutierrez and his car flips. Red Flag. #AusGP #F1 #F1IsBack


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