Da #HipHopEd Rewind: #HipHopEd Suggestions for White Folks who Teach in the Hood and the y'all too w/ @chrisemdin

#HipHopEd weekly twitter chat on 3.15.16 was " #HipHopEd Suggestions for White Folks who Teach in the Hood and the y'all too w/ @chrisemdin" Visit #HipHopEd's website for more information at www.hiphoped.com Read More
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Timothy Jones @tdj6899 16/03/2016 08:00:47 WIB
Welcome 2 #HipHopEd tonight we are discussing reality pedagogy & urban education as a prelude 4 @chrisemdin new book out 3/22
Beacon Press @BeaconPressBks 16/03/2016 08:01:02 WIB
.@chrisemdin's Twitter chat about his new book & urban education is happening now! Join the conversation! #HipHopEd pic.twitter.com/XV1hYrsi3c
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Timothy Jones @tdj6899 16/03/2016 08:01:33 WIB
The name of the forthcoming book is "For White Folk who teach in the hood and the rest of y'all too" #HipHopEd by @chrisemdin
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 16/03/2016 08:03:20 WIB
Here is a chirpstory chirpstory.com/li/307594 of tweets of educators who participated in a presentation around @chrisemdin book #HipHopEd
#HipHopEd @TheRealHipHopEd 16/03/2016 08:03:43 WIB
Welcome to #HipHopEd. Tonight's chat will be on @chrisemdin forthcoming book For White Folks Who Teach in The Hood.
Rogue Rich Lund @TungstenClan 16/03/2016 08:03:45 WIB
Incredibly interesting video on race and labels, and how much we could do without such labels. #HipHopEd youtube.com/watch?v=q0qD2K…
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Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 16/03/2016 08:04:11 WIB
Welcome to our digital book talk and discussion on suggestions for white folks who teach in the hood. Book is on Amazon now!!! #HipHopEd.
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 16/03/2016 08:05:00 WIB
Inviting the community to share things they would want to tell "White Folks Who Teach in the Hood" & other educators from a #HipHopEd lens
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 16/03/2016 08:05:51 WIB
The reality is that most teachers in urban neighborhoods are White, & most students are from different ethnic & racial backgrounds #HipHopEd
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 16/03/2016 08:06:43 WIB
Without acknowledging that cultural differences exist between urban teachers & students we will never improve #urbanEd #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 16/03/2016 08:07:49 WIB
You must ask yourself not only why you teach where you teach, but how should you teach where you teach #HipHopEd
Brian Mooney @BeMoons 16/03/2016 08:08:09 WIB
If you want to “save” kids, it’s important to think about saving yourself first / continuously. #HipHopEd
Jon Balcerak @JonBalcerak 16/03/2016 08:08:10 WIB
Eager to listen and learn today. Excited to read your book, @chrisemdin ! #HipHopEd
Jason Falconio @jasonfalconio 16/03/2016 08:08:40 WIB
I agree. I wrote a post about this after attending your sess this weekend. No one talks about it though. #HipHopEd twitter.com/chrisemdin/sta…
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 16/03/2016 08:08:48 WIB
We want to hear from you #HipHopEd you know this is a cyber cypher so please express your thoughts & ask your ???
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 16/03/2016 08:08:49 WIB
@TungstenClan I'd be all for avoiding labels if racism, sexism, and other biases didn't exist. They do, we must face them head on #HipHopEd
Joe Fusaro @joe_fusaro 16/03/2016 08:09:04 WIB
#HipHopEd #NAEA16 @NBPTS @HuffPostEdu Contemporary Art Educators... APPLY NOW THRU APRIL 3rd FOR ART21 EDUCATORS art21.org/teach/particip…
Rogue Rich Lund @TungstenClan 16/03/2016 08:09:56 WIB
@chrisemdin Oh, agreed. The vid is just an interesting take on what labels we are given, vs. accept, vs. reject. #HipHopEd.
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 16/03/2016 08:09:57 WIB
My book opens with making connections between how schools have damaged both indigenous populations and urban youth of color #HipHopEd
Wagma @wagmamommandi 16/03/2016 08:10:47 WIB
@chrisemdini assigned your HuffPo article on re:Ron Clark to white undergrads after one of them mentioned the vid #HipHopEd
Guerilla Arts Ink @GuerillaArts 16/03/2016 08:11:00 WIB
@BeMoons "saving" kids as a mission is flawed in general. The aim to help youth by offering options for them to save themselves #hiphoped
Rogue Rich Lund @TungstenClan 16/03/2016 08:11:08 WIB
I grew up in a rough area of Port Huron, MI. My success w/ urban youth when I have them has been through exposing my similarities. #HipHopEd
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