Everyone can Enjoy Every Gender in Games

Matsmomushi-san criticize about gender binarism that anti-GamerGate feminists have. And then the person talked about gender of characters in the Fiction.
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#gamergate I think feminisits' logic is gender binarism.Chars in gaming are inner personality of authors , even if gender is different.
まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GAMERGATE Male is Male.Female is Female.It is gender binarism and wrong.Characters belong to author. Sex in reality doesn't matter.
まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GAMERGATE フェミニストの人がこういう女性や男性のキャラクターも欲しいというなら、そういう要望を反映させるのは良いことだと思う。でも、こういう女性や男性のキャラクターをなくせというのはおかしい。キャラクターは作者のもの。性別を理由に他者が自分のものだというのはおかしい。

If there is a demand from feminists that this or that sort of female or male character archetype to appear in games, then I think that's a good thing if games reflect those demands.

However, what is wrong when they demand the removal of certain character archetypes. The author is the owner of those characters. To say that the creation of another person is your property simply based on that character's gender is bizarre.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GAMERGATE 現実世界で割り当てられた性別に囚われているのは、ゲームのキャラの表現を規制しようと主張している人達の方。フィクションにおける性別は、その性を現実に割り当てられた人だけのものではない。

It is those who are mentally entrapped by the genders presented by reality which are demanding that gender representation in video games must be regulated.

Characters of that gender at not solely the possession of those who were assigned that same gender in reality.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GAMERGATE 男性は現実に男性である人のもので、女性は現実で女性である人のものだというのは変。どうして現実の性別に囚われなくてはならないのか。フェミニストの人達がこういうキャラも欲しいというなら受け入れる。でも、他の人が好きなキャラを、性別を理由に奪う権利なんて無い

To say that fictional male characters are the sole property of real males, and that fictional females the sole property of real females, is wrong.

Why do fiction need to become entangled in the genders of reality?

I can accept feminists' desire for this or that type of character to be presented. But they have no right to dispossess others of their own cherished fictional characters for reasons based on gender.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GamerGate 現実世界で男性である人が、セクシーな女装をしても、それを理由に他者の性を奪っているなどと非難されることはない。現実で男性である人が、ゲームにおいてセクシー女性キャラを描くのはそれと同じこと。ゲームにおいては、全ての人が全ての性別である。

Even if a real man in the real world were to dress up as a transvestite and look incredibly sexy when doing so, he is not robbing real women of their sexuality in the process thereof.

Similarly, even if a real man creates a sexy woman in a game, he is not robbing other real women of their sexuality.

In video games, everyone can be any and all genders.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GAMERGATE 現実世界に割り当てられた性を用いた活動のみが主体的な性であると言うのは、人間を現実世界で割り当てられた性別に縛り付けようとする思想に他ならない。現実世界で女性である人が理想的な男性のキャラクターを描くことも、立派な女性の主体的な性である。

To believe that an individual's subjective sexuality should be limited to whatever gender they were assigned to in real life is nothing short of an attempt to limit the boundaries of sexual expression.

A woman depicting her ideal male in fiction is just one example of subjective sexual expression.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
また、フィクションのキャラクター性的魅力を感じることは、現実の人間を性の対象とする文化を相対化するメリットがある。事実日本においては、フィクションのキャラクターを性の対象とする人達の中に、現実の性関係への欲求が希薄である人も多い。 #GamerGate

Furthermore, the expression of sexual attraction towards fictional characters is of merit in relativistically considering the subjects of sexualization within our own reality's culture. In our reality, in Japan, within the group of people who view fictional persons as subjects for sexual attraction, there are many persons who express little sexual desire for other real people.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
#GamerGate 性平等への近道は、「性の対象は最終的には現実の他者である」という思い込みを引きずることではなく、性愛欲求の充足を実在する他者に求めることは自明でないという認識を創り、性と人間関係(愛)の分離することことだと考える。

The short path to sexual equality is not the one which burdens its travelers with the preconception that the ultimate subject of all persons' sexual desires is the "other" which exists in reality.

Rather, the shortest path to sexuality is to cultivate an understanding that not all people seek sexual and romantic fulfillment from reality and the "other" which exists in it, as well as a recognition that sexuality and human affairs (and love) are separate entities.

まつもむし⋈ with Vったらー南出柚架 @matsmomushi
性差別も性役割も、元をたどれば現実の他者で性愛欲求を充足しようとする文化に起因するものである。 #GamerGate

If one follows the sources of gender discrimination and gender roles to their cause, one will find that they are based in the cultural belief that we, as humans, must seek to satisfy our sexual and romantic needs through other individuals.

URL twitter.com 空想を性の対象とする人のためのbot(@nonpragmasexual)さん | Twitter 空想を性の対象とする人のためのbot (@nonpragmasexual)さんの最新ツイート。フィクションを性の対象とする人のための理論用botです。本体 @matsmomushi アイコンはもしフィクションを性の対象とする人の旗があればというデザインです。色の意味は、右が現実で、桃:恋愛、白:無関心、黄:純粋な友情。左がフィクションで、赤と青:保守的な男女観、紫と緑:性差の越境と克服、黒:現..
空想を性の対象とする人のためのbot @bot_Fictosexual

To say that one's creation is a depiction of another sex, and therefore consider it a depiction of the "other", is an expression of gender binarism.

The opposite sex = The "other"

The subject of sexual desire = The "other"

These are criteria established by none other than the heterosexual cultural norms of our own reality.


ぼうくん @VoQn 04/04/2016 08:27:29 WIB
#GamerGate [Acknowledgment] feedback: matsumomushi. translation: mombot, krispykaiser. Thank you so much.
ClockworkZen @clockworkzen 05/04/2016 23:54:01 WIB
I agree! Fiction should be left to the author and not constricted by the opinion of a discriminatory audience.
ClockworkZen @clockworkzen 05/04/2016 23:54:04 WIB
I enjoy many types of male and female characters depending on the story setting and my mood. If a game does not appeal to you, play a different game, don't shame the creator.
WildMagic @WildCard215 06/04/2016 07:57:26 WIB
I agree that writers shouldn't be limited to writing for their own gender,race, sexuality, etc. Many great writers have written great characters and stories of other races, sexuality, genders, etc.
WildMagic @WildCard215 06/04/2016 07:57:31 WIB
Nobody is perfect, and writers make mistakes, but if nobody takes risks in writing things that are different or foreign to that individual, then writers can not grow and write good stories.
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