Hastag #WhyIDidntGetintoHeaven sedang trending di twitter dunia, yuk ikutan kasih alasan kenapa kamu gak bakal masuk surga! :))
Chris Crimy @MiamiSixthMan
#WhyIDidntGetIntoHeaven Well I did but before I could enter Kanye interrupted
Inspector Potato @InspectorPotato
I apparently sold my soul to Apple when I accepted the conditions of an IPhone update. #WhyIDidntGetIntoHeaven
dirty hippie. @v_ictoriaaaa
#whyididntgetintoheaven I didn't retweet that picture of Jesus and ignored for satan
AT2 @TherealAT2
#WhyIDidntGetIntoHeaven Cause I didn't forward all those chain text messages back in 2002 and now I got bad luck for eternity! #lol
FariWu @fariwu
#WhyIDidntGetIntoHeaven Because I clicked "I have read the terms and conditions" when I didn't #liarliar
Glenn Sanchez @jerome559
Didn't want to. I wanted to be with all my friends were in hell #WhyIDidntGetIntoHeaven


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