E! Entertainment @eentertainment
Malia and Sasha Obama are growing up right before our eyes! eonli.ne/1RcCbvU pic.twitter.com/VveKZtZ1AE
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Women in the World @WomenintheWorld
Sasha and Malia Obama attend their first #statedinner, Canada’s PM pays them tribute: nyti.ms/1RbG0Yx pic.twitter.com/m1Gr8CAEWW
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RollingOut @RollingOut
Malia and Sasha Obama have grown into such poised and beautiful young ladies. #FirstFamily #FLOTUS #POTUS pic.twitter.com/q9qlFLjfYp
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Glorious Johnson @LadyGloriousjax
Our first family and Malia and Sasha Obama looked amazing at their first State Dinner last night! pic.twitter.com/a7YVLUo8JE
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. @loveblushed
this picture of malia totally cheering sasha on while she talks to ryan reynolds is just so darn cute pic.twitter.com/p7ykvHrYQv
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Boo Boo Hernandez @Annnaliise
The Obamas are the most attractive First Family that America will ever have. Malia and Sasha are actual princesses pic.twitter.com/wttbMIn7IM
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meta @metaquest
Malia & Sasha Obama talk with PM Trudeau & his mother Margaret during a reception on Truman Balcony. (Pete Souza) pic.twitter.com/PW3hapAIJU
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Molly Pierce @mollyhpierce
This picture of Malia giving Sasha the thumbs up while she talks to Ryan Reynolds is giving me every feeling pic.twitter.com/ITZqu4ojdb
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#HandsOffSyria @ghouInextdoor
How are sasha and malia so damn pretty 😩
Tay @taylarvictoria
Malia and Sasha Obama are absolutely flawless #BlackGirlMagic
DadakeTina 🛡🌪 @PierretteY
@metaquest Are we sure these girls are teens ? I need to see the birth certificate. They are too poise.
Sultan of Skincare @brownandbella
Sasha and Malia are the future, man. Totally stan for the Obama girls. And their mama and her mama too. #BlackGirlsAreMagic
Abraham Washington @AbrahamWashin10
@AmeliaClaire94 When one of these ladies is running for president 40 years from now, this picture will be amazing.
Christina⭐️ @stinarichard
@AmeliaClaire94 @ladyvenoms I thought Sasha was going to be in her beautiful sister's shadow, but she has become a beauty herself. ❤️
Madeleine Morris @remittancegirl
@NerdyWonka @copperbird7 I’m going to miss them so much. For sheer elegance, they have wiped the floor with every other First Family.
Liddle Lamzy Dive Bar @saucissonsec
@NerdyWonka @cyotha They were girls when he was first sworn in and now! Sasha has really transformed from a little girl to a woman, amazing.


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