Lava Mae: Kamar Mandi 'Berjalan' Untuk Tunawisma di San Fransisco

Pemenang Philanthropy Awards 2015!
LavaMaeˣ @lavamaex

"Poverty in America has become a lucrative business, with appalling results..."

29/02/2016 12:21:10 WIB
LavaMaeˣ @lavamaex

Lava Mae inspires fashion industry - even if for service is for fashion shoppers…

04/03/2016 03:30:52 WIB
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LavaMaeˣ @lavamaex

Our Haight Ashbury launch at the DMV with our awesome partner #TakingItTotheStreets!!

31/01/2016 04:48:21 WIB
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Lava Mae terpilih sebagai salah satu inovasi terbaik pada Philanthropy Awards 2015 yang diselenggarakan oleh Bank of West.

Bank of the West @BankoftheWest

The @TODAYshow highlights @LavaMae, the winner of our 2015 Innovation in Philanthropy Award! #ShareKindness

15/12/2015 05:33:05 WIB

Dengan melakukan modifikasi terhadap bus tua di San Fransisco, Lava Mae melakukan langkah nyata yg sangat positif untuk para tunawisma. Di samping itu, bus-bus tua juga bisa dimanfaatkan kembali supaya tetap bermanfaat. KEREN!

Live Happy @livehappy

.@LavaMae transform buses into clean, safe places for the homeless to shower.…

29/12/2015 09:01:02 WIB
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LavaMaeˣ @lavamaex

Converting old buses into showers was quite an engineering challenge. See how we did it, on @KQEDscience…

27/12/2015 01:34:51 WIB
LavaMaeˣ @lavamaex

It"s #WorldToiletDay. We're out in force w/#SFDPW's Pit Stop. SF Gives a SH_ T!

20/11/2015 00:51:32 WIB
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Project Homeless Connect @PHCSF

Great profile of our friends @LavaMae in today's @Daily_Good (here's the shower bus at PHC!)

07/01/2016 03:10:17 WIB
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Lava Mae tentunya disambut positif oleh masyarakat, selain banyak yg memberikan donasi, banyak juga yg ikut membantu sebagai tenaga sukarela dalam mendukung gebrakan yg dilakukan! @DeliverGood

@FujitsuAmerica was first in @SFO to use our service. They donated 1,000 emergency ration kits to @LavaMae #charity

06/11/2015 05:41:02 WIB
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charlotte cross @TheCrossXXX

I love hearing about what @LavaMae is doing to help people in need in #SanFrancisco Please check it out!…

03/11/2015 14:41:26 WIB
Barracuda @KurtTexter

More services and initiatives like @LavaMae please. San Francisco can be much more proactive.

15/12/2015 05:52:32 WIB
Twitter for Good @TwitterForGood

Fabulous celebrating @LavaMae volunteers tonight @TwitterSF.

20/01/2016 10:20:04 WIB
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LavaMaeˣ @lavamaex

Thank you for joining and fueling our success. You helped make it all possible!!…

20/11/2015 06:35:25 WIB


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