Maximum Pop! @maximumpop
#LondonHasFallen has it all...action, thrill, chaos, so many explosions & a budding bromance maximumpop.co.uk/london-has-fal… pic.twitter.com/xHWyqxBp3l
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Geek.com @geekdotcom
Geek’s what to watch this week: London Has Fallen, Damien, Mythbusters, and more geek.com/news/geeks-wha… pic.twitter.com/wBqueN1OEz
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THR Movies @THRmovies
Box-Office Preview: Can 'London Has Fallen' Redeem Gerard Butler After 'Gods of Egypt'? thr.cm/2gje3c pic.twitter.com/5SniB44xG9
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While not as strong as its predecessor, #LondonHasFallen offers even more brainless action: ign.com/articles/2016/… pic.twitter.com/yvpJT8Dhid
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Fuse @fusetv
Morgan Freeman and his Morgan Freeman voice are giving the best press tour ever: on.fuse.tv/1QPolj8 pic.twitter.com/W5w56yGBcL
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Cultjer @cultjer
Gerard Butler Was Concerned Terrorism Film 'London Has Fallen' Would Alienate Viewers cult.li/62278 pic.twitter.com/G866aTlQOS
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Collider @Collider
'London Has Fallen' is dumb fun that'll make you feel guilty for liking; @PNemiroff reviews: trib.al/radCTY7 pic.twitter.com/OFPZCZlLj2
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