Digital Marketing for Museums

Digital marketing for museums and how tourism organizations and museums can work together, with guest host W. Ryan Dodge from the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
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Get more coffee/tea/whatever. It's 5 minutes till today's #tourismchat about digital marketing for museums, w/guest host @wrdodger. Yay!
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@cdilly Sure! We're starting a chat about digital marketing for museums; it was supposed to go out later, but oh, well. :) #tourismchat
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We're proud to be on the #tourismchat team! The Feb chat is about to start; topic is digital marketing for your museum partners. Join us?
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Putting on my @tourismchat hat to help run #tourismchat in 2 minutes. Topic = digital marketing for museums, with a FAB guest host. Join us?
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Welcome to today's #tourismchat on digital marketing for museums, w/host @wrdodger. Pls tell us who you are, & why museums matter to you.
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Don't forget to use the #tourismchat hashtag in each tweet. Dashboards & tools like @TweetChat & @Nurph can help.
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HI @wrdodger! Thanks so much for hosting #tourismchat today - can't wait to dig into digital #museum #marketing!!
Vicky Soderberg @CygnetUpdates
Vicky from Cygnet Strategies—#museums educate, enlighten, encourage and excite. #tourismchat
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Huge thanks to today's #tourismchat guest host @wrdodger, the Digital Engagement Coordinator at @ROMtoronto, Canada.
Chad Hays @_ChadHays
#tourismchat Greetings, Chad from Visit Phoenix here. Museums matter for a variety of reasons: Education, entertainment, local history
Dominique King @midwestguest
Dominique of Midwest Guest...a big fan of museums and write a lot about them at the blog #tourismchat
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Here's Q1 - How do you connect museum onsite experiences w/the digital experience? How to move from audience to participants? #tourismchat
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